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Not Just For Kids

"Not Just For Kids" Mini Unit Studies, as seen in The Desert Advocate. (Click here to read more than 50 articles on a wide variety of interesting topics.)

Book Reviews

The Underground History of American Education
A schoolteacher's intimate investigation into the problem of modern schooling.

The Lord of the Rings*
The best sword-and-sorcery classic of all time, and a Christian alternative to Harry Potter.

The Way of the Wizards vs. The Wise Man*
A Harry Potter Review.

The Children's Story: A Chilling Tale for Parents
A must-read for parents of school-age children.

I Spy
A review of the I Spy series: books, CD-ROM, & club.

Definitions with Meaning
Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary vs. modern dictionaries.

Curriculum Reviews

A review of the WordSmart vocabulary program.

Phonics Tutor
An excellent phonics program.

The American Adventure Series
An exciting historical fiction series the whole family will love.

Alpha Omega Publications Curriculum
An overview of Alpha Omega Lifepacs, Switched-on-Schoolhouse, and their other products and services.

Saxon Math
An excellent math program.

Homeschool Articles

C.S. Lewis*
A biography of a famous homeschooler.

A Family Adventure In Learning
An introduction to homeschooling.

Homeschool Organization
Ideas for organizing and storing your homeschool supplies.

Homeschool Resolutions
Homeschool resolutions for the new year and all year long.

How To Develop A Homeschool Mission Statement*
How to write a meaningful mission statement for your homeschool, with examples.

The Value of "Living Books" and Reading Aloud
Plus, The Reading Mother and When Mother Reads Aloud poems.

Top Two Homeschooling Trends
Classical and High Tech Education.

A Tribute to Tom Lewis
Former President of Arizona Families for Home Education.

A Letter From the Editor
Teri's personal view on being a homeschooling mother.

Did You Know...?
Fun Facts About Homeschooling.

Wit and Widsom
An assortment of interesting ideas and words of advice.

Family Articles

Back to School*
Some ideas to help ease the transition from summer vacation to classroom education.

After-School Snacks*
Easy-to-make snack ideas and recipes.

Lunch Box Treats*
Easy-to-make lunch box treats, recipes, and a mix-&-match ingredients list.

Make Your Own Museum*
A fun, educational project for families with curious kids.

Start Your Own Club*
Six basic steps, types of clubs, and examples.

Kids Helping Their Communities
Kids community service project ideas.

Family Travel Tips*
Travel survival tips that will help make the experience more enjoyable for all.

Things to Do With Common Household Items*
Creative uses for common household items.

Holiday and Gift Ideas*
Holiday decorating, card making, and gift giving ideas.

Clutter Control*
Practical tips for controlling clutter in your home, especially in children's rooms.

Feng Shui for Families*
How to arrange your home for harmony and success, focusing on children's bedroom and study areas.

TV Turnoff Week*
Turn off the TV - and turn on the creativity!

Words Can Heal
Suggestions for reducing gossip, eliminating verbal violence, and promoting the healing power of words.

A Patchwork Garden of Life
This page about the significance of grandparents is dedicated to my grandmother.

Arizona Articles

Apples in Arizona
Arizona Archaeology
Arizona Celebrities: Part One
Arizona Celebrities: Part Two
Arizona History
Autumn in Arizona
The Desert Foothills
Desert Wildflowers
Discovering the Desert
May Museum Month
(See also Backyard Wildlife Habitats, Day of the Dead, Solar Cooking, Summer Safety, Sun Safety.)

Reviews Coming Soon:
Books on Tape
Core Knowledge Series
Critical Thinking Books & Software
Kids Discover Magazine
Mad Science Club
Poetry for Young People Series
S.O.S. State History
Young Scientist Club

About the Author
Teri Ann Berg Olsen is a home educator, librarian, and writer who lives in New River, Arizona. Teri has always loved books, reading, and writing. Throughout school, her favorite subjects were English and Literature, especially children's literature. She received a degree in Library Technology, was employed at the Mesa Community College Library and Tempe Public Library. Teri's background in library reference work combined with her home education experience enables her to make valuable recommendations about books, curriculum, and other materials. Teri's mini unit studies are featured in a weekly "Not Just For Kids" column published by The Desert Advocate newspaper, desertadvocate@uswest.net.

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