Roots of Wisdom: Timeless Advice on Teaching Children Well
by Teri Ann Berg Olsen

Roots of Wisdom: Timeless Advice on Teaching Children Well is a unique reference book of quotations related to both traditional and non-traditional forms of education. It is a rich treasury of ideas and advice for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers.

Christian schools will find this book to be a wonderful resource, and it is the author's hope that public school educators will also discover some worthwhile insights. While the book is useful for instructors of all faiths and educational philosophies, it is especially recommended for those seeking a biblical perspective on education.

Since the Bible is the first textbook and the original source of all wisdom, this book begins with a section of biblical quotations. This is to remind you not to become so preoccupied with academics that you forget the basic spiritual principles that children should be brought up on.

In this book, you will find quotations that are enlightening, encouraging, and empowering. They range from witty to wise, from practical to profound, and from informational to inspirational. Some of the quotes may contain insights that you had not previously considered. Others will come amazingly close to stating your own feelings which you were unable to put into words yourself.

This book features sayings by well-known thinkers, leaders, and educators from throughout history. Several famous homeschoolers from the past are quoted, and many contemporary advocates of the homeschool movement are also represented. You will discover classic quotes as well as rarities that you won't find anywhere else.

Check the table of contents to find a specific topic, or just flip through the pages until you see something of interest. The book can be read from front to back, back to front, or beginning in the middle and moving in either direction. It's like a conversation across the ages on the subject of education, full of rhetorical gems and sage advice.

These quotations have been gathered from a wide variety of sources: books, newspaper and magazine articles, websites, as well as the author's own archives of notes and clippings. In the Index of Sources you will be able to learn more about the names behind the sayings. However, in some cases a quotation was found lacking information about the author and/or source in which it appeared. Although this may annoy scholars, it will be of no concern to the casual reader.

In addition to the quotations, there is a section on how to develop a mission statement for your family or homeschool, including examples. Many insights presented within the quotations are applicable to helping create your own mission statement.

This book will hopefully inspire you to think more carefully about the ideas that you read elsewhere. Several extra pages have even been provided for taking notes and writing down more quotes as you find them.

Roots of Wisdom is a testimony to the long-lasting influence that parents and educators have on children and on the future. These observations on teaching and learning will be of interest to teachers, parents, students, and all those who believe that knowledge is a lifelong pursuit.

Whether intended for general reference, personal research, or a public presentation, Roots of Wisdom is a useful sourcebook of quotations on education and child training.

If you have any favorite quotes that you would like to see in this book, send an e-mail telling what they are and Teri will try to fit them in. If you are interested in obtaining this book, she would be happy to notify you when it becomes available. Simply send an e-mail requesting that your name be placed on the waiting list.

About the Author
Teri's background in library reference work, children's literature, and records management complement her personal experience in home education. She was employed by the Tempe Public Library and Mesa Community College Library. Teri is a member of Arizona Families For Home Education, for which she is currently researching the history of homeschooling in Arizona. She is the editor of "Homeschool Headlines," a newsletter for Desert Hills Christian Homeschoolers, in which she also writes a book review column. Teri writes a weekly "Not Just For Kids Page" for The Desert Advocate newspaper. In addition, she has written articles for The Desert Advocate, The Foothills Sentinel, Canyon Country News, Arizona Home Education Journal, and The Virginia Home Educator. Teri was recently chosen to be a state coordinator for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

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