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"The purpose of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among home school students. To achieve this purpose, Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society shall provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service. Eta Sigma Alpha shall encourage the development of an intellectual climate that will stimulate the exchange of ideas and ideals, foster scholarship, and promote academic excellence. Eta Sigma Alpha shall also advocate homeschooling as a viable and successful educational methodology and act as a liaison for homeschooling to the general public, colleges/universities, and the media." The goals of Eta Sigma Alpha are to "form integrity in students through four key areas: leadership, community service, networking and scholarship."

Knowledge House Scholars Vision

The vision of Knowledge House Scholars is to develop exemplary young leaders who demonstrate superior academic preparation and virtuous character based on integrity, responsibility, compassion, and other positive Christian values so that they may grow in both knowledge and wisdom. "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed." ~II Timothy 2:15

Knowledge House Scholars Mission

The mission of Knowledge House Scholars is to create enthusiasm for scholarship and recognize academic excellence among local homeschoolers; to build on that academic success by encouraging members to develop their talents and potential; and to provide an opportunity for members to apply their unique skills for the betterment of themselves, the community, and the world by stimulating a desire to exercise good character, practice leadership, and render service according to traditional ethical and moral standards as established in the Bible. "And though I have…all knowledge…and have not charity, I am nothing." ~I Corinthians 13.2


The school-based National Honor Society, established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, is not open to homeschoolers. Since 1999, however, outstanding homeschool students have been able receive the recognition they deserve in their own Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society. Any homeschool students who qualify are welcome to join the local chapter, Knowledge House Scholars. Eligible students do not have to be a member of the Knowledge House Learning Resource Center, and they do not have to wait to be offered an invitation to join. We are not simply an honor roll or directory of students, either. Our members are exceptional young people who are making a real difference in the community. Knowledge House Scholars meet once a month, to perform service projects that benefit the community and charity groups, and to be a positive social and educational experience for the members.

Eta Sigma Alpha promotes scholarship, leadership, and character through networking and community service. The Knowledge House Scholars chapter emphasizes fellowship and a Christian worldview as well. Knowledge House Scholars must maintain their academic scholarship as a membership requirement. Leadership qualities can be accomplished by serving as a student officer in the local chapter, and/or through community service. Knowledge House Scholars will be encouraged to seek out and actively participate in service projects within the community in which they live. In addition, they will be expected to act responsibly and demonstrate high standards of personal behavior, integrity and good character. Knowledge House Scholars shall maintain a commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Membership in Eta Sigma Alpha provides a great opportunity for homeschool students to be rewarded for their academic successes. It will also be beneficial to include on their high school transcripts and resumes. As Inge Cannon of EducationPLUS says: "We are finding out today that if you leave out of your transcript any list of extra-curricular activities, you will not get into most colleges around this country. And in fact, you definitely will not get any scholarship help to attend higher education. You need to show that you are a well-rounded student with lots of activities that are outside the purview of your academic excellence. So it is very important that parents include things like community service and extra-curricular activities on a transcript." ESA provides the student independent validation of academic achievement, community involvement, and leadership. ESA membership may be an essential part of a winning scholarship application.



  • Provide meaningful content, resources, and opportunities to help members enhance their skills to have a positive impact in the local, national, and global community.
  • Prepare students for future careers, the workplace, and adult responsibilities.
  • Provide a forum for networking and making connections within the community.
  • Foster a sense of fellowship among members.
  • Identify the most pressing needs of our membership; implement strategies and activities that best meet the needs of our members.
  • Showcase a variety of talents - including, but not limited to - music, poetry, creative writing, technology, math, science, sports, etc.
  • Showcase a wide range of achievements - including, but not limited to - academic achievement, leadership, community service, volunteerism, citizenship, environmental issues, global awareness, and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Implement partnerships that best meet the needs of our members. Special attention will be given to volunteer and service opportunities to develop leadership and character.
  • Build strategic partnerships with organizations that can provide members with opportunities for educational assistance, volunteerism, citizenship, leadership development, and scholarships.
  • Look for partners that will sponsor activities and events exclusively for our members.
  • Invite members of the community to participate in mentoring and other activities.
  • Provide an opportunity to meet with and learn from positive role models within the community.
  • Connect college members with high school members to provide guidance, advice, and insight into the transition to college.
  • Assist members when applying to college and exploring career opportunities.
  • Continue providing value and benefits to members after high school graduation.
  • Raise awareness of the National Homeschool Honor Society among the homeschool community.
  • Raise awareness of homeschooling among the general public.

    Members receive many benefits including:

  • Personalized membership certificate
  • Personalized press release for distribution to local newspapers
  • Service and leadership opportunities
  • Informative and inspiring speakers
  • Academic events and competitions
  • Workshops and field trips
  • Resources and activities to help members in high school and beyond into college.
  • Nomination to the National Society of High School Scholars (must be a 2nd semester sophomore, junior, or senior)
  • In the future, we hope to offer exclusive scholarship opportunities and other incentives through partnerships with local businesses.

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