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    Comments & Kudos

  • Teri, I have enjoyed going through your web page. You have put in a lot of time and thought. I look forward to checking back from time to time to see how it is coming. And of course it will just get better. Put me on your list for the home educators book. That sounds very interesting. I am always looking for ways to improve what I am doing. Debbie

  • I loved the piece you wrote about all the hats you wear as a homeschool mom. I wanted to be a stage actress, a marine biologist, an anthropoligist, and a forest ranger. As a homeschool mom I get to fulfill all those varied occupations. Praise the Lord! Kelly

  • Saw your web site on the AFHE site------it's great! Good job!

  • Olsen family, We would be honored to have our site linked as one of your website's "Links". You have a nice Homeschool site going there...lot's of links! Thanks again for trying our program and we hope some of your website's frequent visitors visit Edventures.COM! Sincerely, David Chase Edventures.COM 1-800-429-3110

  • I would like to say I have and my children have enjoyed your page in "The Desert Advocate" - it is very refreshing.

  • Teri, Thanks so much for writing The Nativity Story. I think it is wonderful. The following, sent to the Desert Advocate, describes how I feel about it: "The Nativity Story by Teri Ann Olsen is truly beautiful. It is a story very familiar to all Christians (and some others too). It has been elaborated upon in many ways; but Teri's version is so true to the Bible and yet adding just the right elements of "might have been" as to make it truly unique. My congratulation to her for writing it and you for printing it. It made this Advent Season memorable in a special way." Dean Kramer
    God resists the proud; but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6

  • Teri, Enjoyed your piece on Clutter Control. As an organized person even I found helpful hints. Good work.

  • Hi Teri - Thank you so much for responding to me so quickly. If your quick response is any indication, the support network here must be fabulous!

  • We have enjoyed reading your articles in the local paper. Keep up the good work.

  • Enjoyed your artical "Not Just for Kids" pg 22-23 in The Desert Advocate July 21, 2001. Reminded me of one of my own articals. Thanks, Jim

  • I appreciated your article on "Gun Safety". As a Life member of the NRA I especially liked the presentation. I am impressed with the scope of your knowledge and abilities.

  • I picked up the Desert Advocate by chance and was surprised to see someone using "kids" font. I was even more pleased to see what you had to say. Do you have a web site where I can see past articles and would it be ok to include them in our weekly newsletter? ===== Dr. Bill Gallagher, DC Director Run Drugs Out of Town Run, Inc. 480-513-3909

  • Hi Teri, Congratulations again on an excellent article on Christmas Carols! It always amazes me where you find the time to do such a great job on these things. Kindest regards, Dean Kramer

  • Teri, I will certainly send a note to the Desert Advocate in support of your most excellent articles.

  • I noticed the survey in the Desert Advocate. I'm surprised she put you along with the others. You are much more talented and interesting than those horoscopes, cooking sections, sports, etc. I think you will get a high rating not just from us homeschoolers but from regular folks who enjoy your down to earth articles and easy to use unit studies. It is a good column and there are moms out there trying out your unit study. You never know how many families you might have influence to homeschool. When we get the paper, first thing Amy and Heather do is look for your column. It holds on its own when it comes to education. I'm definitely going to comment on your column! Helene

  • Teri, Thanks for another great article in "Not Just for Kids". I read "Lord of the Rings" many years ago and have been inspired to read it again. The additional info about Tolkien was also appreciated, especially as I never knew what the R. R. stood for. Keep up the good work. Hope you don't mind my sending a copy of this to the Desert Advocate. Dean Kramer

  • Teri, Enjoyed this weeks article on Narnia and C. S. Lewis. I have the boxed set in the written order, so it must be older. I read them often. They were a gift from my daughter in GA. My wife has asked me to ask you to send a copy of your article on the Narnia series to me... I will send it to our daughter as she had written a paper in H.S. on comparison between the Tales of Narnia and Christian faith.

  • I get the American Family Assoc. "Journal" and they have entered the "debate" about "Harry Potter" vs "Lord of the Rings"; and what the Christian response should be. I feel your response was perfect. I especially like the additional info on the authors as you give them. The bibliographies you include show you as one who is a real research writer.

  • I loved every article and every little part! Your product review always makes me want to go out and get what ever it is. Kelly

  • Hello Teri, my name is Lisa. I enjoyed your article noted above [Arizona Archaelogy]. I would like to know how to get some of these articles. Basic information to share with my children. If you have some of these I would pay to have them copied or send me where I need to go. I still have your article on local history from last year. Thanks for your great writing!

  • You have a good website. More people should be looking at it.

  • You did such a great job on the SOS review....Thanks so much Teri!
    Christina Henderson, AOP Marketing

  • Holy smoke! I just looked at the site and it sure has exploded in size! I can't believe how much content you have put together! Nice job! Brian

  • Teri, Have been meaning for some time to tell you how much I liked your Easter article. It was great.

  • Dear Teri, Thank you for including The Legend of the Valentine in your list of friendship books. Word of mouth is the main way stories are spread and we authors appreciate it very much.... Many blessings on you in your endeavors. Katherine

  • Your website is wonderful...thank you very much for the information.

  • Greetings! I have really enjoyed visiting your website! God bless,
    Israel Wayne Marketing Director

  • Dear Teri: I am honored to give you the emblem [see Awards]. I think you have a great site and I love your statement of faith. It's very complete and I appreciate it so much. I also like how you invite the viewer to accept Christ....wonderful! God bless your ministry, Teri....It seems fantastic. Good choice of books you recommend, too. In Him, Gena Suarez, Publisher TOS Magazine

  • I don't think there are many people out there who maintain a web site like you do using a text editor! :-) You've got to be quite the code warrior! Brian

  • your info is superb....i love it!

  • Your article is the first thing we check out when a new paper is delivered! Lisa

  • We just love your articles. Thanks for the great info. Elise

  • Teri, I want you to know that by FAR you are the most efficient State Coordinator. Be looking in the next few days..your stuff is going up and i am using your submission as an EXAMPLE to the other Coords. :-) gena

  • Thank you for your kind words Teri, they are like a 'cool drink of water after a harsh desert trek'. :-)

  • Thanks for including CAP on your website! God bless.
    Len Munsil, President, The Center for Arizona Policy

  • Teri, Your resource site is incredible! You have done such a wonderful job of compiling all the information needed for all of our homschool families. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to all of us who will benefit from this site. Blessings † Kelly Gall, New Hope Homeschoolers

  • I would just like to say your web site is wonderful. I have just started our first year of homeschooling. Your web site has been extremely informative. I would say I have found a lot more information on your site, than many of the other ones...[It] was good to see all of the things in Arizona to do that I hadn't thought of before....It is a great contribution to not just the homeschooling community; but to the whole community. Sarah Wilson

  • Hello, Teri. First of all, your website is great. And you offer the plan of salvation - how encouraging. God bless you as you further his cause! Brenda High

  • What a wealth of info [on your website]. Have you been able to get a link from the AFHE site? Every AZ homeschooler needs to see it, and every homeschooler in America, as well! I like to use your "Not Just For Kids" articles in our homeschooling. The Arizona article you did we used recently when studying about AZ. Thanks again for all you do! Love, Kelly

  • Hi! I have just started homeschooling again after being out of it for quite a while! I ran across your wonderful web site....Thank you for your wonderful resources and making this easier! Good luck to you and yours. Katy Cook, Glendale

  • Teri, I truly admire your enthusiasm for the topic and your interest in compiling this type of information. The website is absolutely wonderful....Best Wishes, Susanne Bain, author of Home Schooling: A Better Education for Your Child

  • Thank you for your very helpful review of the Switched-On-Curriculum. The Dunn Family

  • Dear Teri, Thanks for taking the time to answer so expediently! What you said helped a lot. Linda Dunn

  • Teri, Your website has been most helpful to me today....It has been an emotional week probably the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. It was encouraging to see your website and I thank you for taking the time to create it with such interesting articles. God Bless you and your family, you have inspired me. Lisa

  • This is a great site! Phillip Melton from Kansas, Liberty Shall Prevail

  • i was looking for a science project for my daughter who is in the 5th grade when i came upon your website. i have enjoyed the bits and pieces that i have read especially the statement of faith. i will encourage my children to visit this website. continue to be bless. LANIE LAMB

  • Teri, Congratulations on "Lord of the Rings". Good website too.

  • Teri, I just got to Knowledge House website and looked around – Marvelous! On my journey around the website, I went to “Articles” and to my astonishment I click on "Kids Helping Their Communities" and up popped my son’s name. Do you know how many copies of that printed article I have? Too many to count. I also have most of you other “Not Just For Kids” articles. Keep up the excellent work!!! Margaret (01/22/03)

  • HI Teri, I read your piece on AZ history and it was very interesting. History is a favorite subject of mine, and though Ohio is far from Arizona, I'd love to visit your state someday. BTW, enjoy the skies out there, people all over the world envy the clear skies of Arizona. Thanks and take care, Jay Ryan. Check out my SkyWise astronomy cartoon archive -- or subscribe to my Classical Astronomy Update, an email newsletter especially for Christian homeschool families (though anyone is welcome!),

  • Teri, Good job on the Easter "Not just for kids" column. Dean

  • Dear Teri and Helene - I just wanted to write and thank you both for hosting my talk at Knowledge House in New River. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and your families. What a bunch of neat, well-behaved children! Again, it was a pleasure meeting you! Best wishes to all! Susanne Bain

  • Terri, I enjoyed your post and the info on Phonics Tutor. Elise Vickers

  • I just came across your website while searching for apples + Arizona and found my business, Apple Annie's Orchard, featured in your Arizona Apples story. Thank you for including us in your excellent article! I homeschooled my two children for 9 years, and appreciate the excellent work you are doing. The apple bread that we sell at Costco is the result of my son's homeschooling project when he was 8 years old. He developed the recipe himself and did all of the baking until he was 12 and we started baking for Costco. When he realized that we would have to hire bakers and he would not get all of the profits any longer he negotiated for a royalty on each loaf! Keep up the good work! In Christ, Anne Holcomb, Apple Annie's Orchard

  • I went to your website and am so impressed with what I saw! My, you are busy! See you at the convention. Socorro Galusha Luna

  • I just reviewed your website, excellent!! Thanks, Kerby

  • Very educational, entertaining, & inspiring!! God bless you.

  • I have been blessed and anointed by God's love and His Holy Spirit with my visit to your site! I thank God He is using you in such an awesome impact on the web and I will be praying for you as you serve Him.

  • Thank you for your time and help, Heather Prentice

  • Thank you soooo much...for your time and energy, you are a very nice person. Sincerely, Michelle Rischman

  • We would like to congratulate you on winning one of our awards! The award is attached to this email. Your site was easy to navigate, colorful and pleasing to look through. When you have the award posted and linked, please let us know so that we can add your site to the winners list. We would also like to invite you to add your site to our directory. The listings are free. We hope that you will consider this and hope to see your submission soon. Cindy Ziegler 123 Kidz

  • I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to respond to my question about graduating your HS child early. Many impressive points were raised and things I never thought of were brought to my attention. I hugely benefited from your answers, and I appreciate it most sincerely. -Kay

  • The church we attend here in Dallas is at the brink of it's second year offering a homeschool support group. I've been elected to brainstorm helpful information for newcomers and existing members alike. I am wanting the group to be complete with a mission statement, statement of faith, and vision of direction for the year to come. I would very much like to use your Statement of Faith and the note to Unbelievers. Your writing is eloquent and thought provoking. May we please use this content from your website? I will certainly give you credit and reference to your website. I have thoroughly appreciated the content of your website. Jill Grier

    Teri, I was looking at your website and found some very interesting stuff!! Tony

  • Hi! Thank you for your website addition! It looks like you have done a great job on it and have lots of great links. Sheri Lee

  • I continue to see your articles in the local paper. As always, nicely done! Dr. Dick Buscher

  • Greetings, I would very much like to reprint your Homeschool Resolutions article in the January issue of The St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Association's monthly newsletter, The Catholic Homeschool...I do think many of our readers would appreciate your article at this time of year. I would be glad to send you a copy as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Evann Duplantier

  • Hello, I'm the editor of Christ Centered Home Educator's monthly newsletter....I'm always looking for good homeschooling articles to include in our newsletter. I would like permission to use articles from your web site in our newsletter. Thank you. In Christ, Tassie Motl

  • I've really enjoyed exploring your site. It has been very informative & helpful. Sheri Specht

  • I think your site is great! William Haase

  • Dear Creator of this site, Although I am not a "home schooler", I found your site while researching for Art and Architecture during the Regency Period and WOW! I didn't know you existed. I am a teacher fed up with the current educational system and applaud your efforts in creating this site. May God bless your endeavors in this ministry! Sincerely, Carolyn Freeman

  • Some time back, I bookmarked an educational website, but until today had not really explored it. And even today, I just barely scratched the surface. I could probably spend the rest of my life exploring the wonderful places that the links on this site lead to. It is a homeschooling website, but don't let that stop you. Anyone with kids will find lots to check out. I think teachers can find a lot here. And anyone who doesn't have kids, but who like me has more curiosity than a cat will love this site as well. Knowledge House's URL is: Enjoy!

  • Your articles are very encouraging! You have quite a bit of wisdom which helps inspire other homeschool families. I really like your website and all of the information you have available for families. Sharra

    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    WOW what a WEBSITE!
    You MUST check this out! Knowledge House What a wealth of information you find as you start exploring! It has so many neat things! I first checked this site out because it has a Holiday & Special Days site that I thought would be helpful, because I always remember the day of. Such as upcoming Leap Year Day, which is February 29th.... Or like yesterday...the lunar eclipse that we scrambled to study for YESTERDAY. This should help with all those important and fun days. Enjoy!

    (See also my Awards page)


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