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    K I D S
    P A G E

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    Would you like us to consider your product for review?

    Reviewer Info: I'm an experienced home educator, church librarian, published book author and newspaper columnist. In addition to library technology, I studied children's literature, creative writing and poetry in college. I've been writing reviews for a local homeschool group since 1999. Depending on the item and subject matter, I may review it by myself, with my husband, or have the children try it out. My husband is a scientist, certified quality engineer, and math tutor. Both of us are connoisseurs of classic literature and patriotic supporters of the principles of our Founding Fathers. Our three boys range in age from preschooler to preteen and teenager. Each of our sons is strong-willed, easily distracted, and gifted - so any learning materials with which they are presented are put to the ultimate test! As a homeschooling family of bibliophiles, we have almost 5,000 books in our home library as well as an extensive collection of audiotapes, videos, CDs and DVDs. (Please inquire before submitting materials for review - we may already have it!)

    Items reviewed include: Curriculum, homeschool how-to's, reference books, historical fiction, literature study guides, children's picture books, children's poetry, science kits, videos/DVDs, audio tapes/CDs, computer software, games. I am not really interested in reviewing books on Christian living, home and hearth, cookbooks, health and wellness, childrearing or household helps. However, I am interested in topics pertaining to teaching children proper nutrition and healthy eating habits, physical fitness training for families, bringing up boys, clutter control and home organization. Christian and secular materials are both reviewed (but no New Age philosophy, evolution, political correctness, radical environmentalism). I especially like to find unique products that are useful and educational, yet are not necessarily well-known among the mainstream homeschool community.

    Review Guidelines: The review process may take several months, as I sometimes get backlogged. While I always give each item serious consideration, mediocre materials or those that are not deemed suitable or useful for homeschool families may not be reviewed for publication at all. Thus, if I like a product well enough to review it, it will most likely have a positive review. I aim to be accurate and honest, however, which means providing as many descriptive details as possible. This includes mentioning any disadvantages as well as advantages that an item may have. Please consult our criteria for educational excellence and consider whether your title meets high standards in these areas: general quality, instructional content, innovation, kid appeal, ease of use and long-term value. Review length varies from 100-1500 words. Reviews may be published in the "Articles & Reviews" section of my Knowledge House website and/or on my Homeschool Librarian weblog, and/or in a homeschool newsletter, and/or in my "Not Just For Kids" newspaper column. I will also post your review on Amazon, CBD, and/or Barnes & Noble where applicable.

    Knowledge House Foundation of Excellence Award in Home Education: Knowledge House is pleased to recognize and endorse certain curriculum, books, and other educational materials which, according to our research, best represent their respective subject areas while meeting most or all of the following standards: general quality, instructional content, innovation, kid appeal, ease of use and long-term value for homeschooling families. These products provide a solid foundation of excellence for any homeschool curriculum, with the Bible as the cornerstone. Once the main foundation is laid, it can be built upon with supplemental resources. (This award is presented one time, and remains in place until the unlikely event of a new product coming along which we find to be even better. All of the current recipients have been our longtime favorites for years. However, we are always looking for other excellent products that we can recommend in different categories.)

    Review Copies: Finished products are preferred over galleys. Shelf-worn, defective or damaged copies are okay. We would like you to know that we strive to be good stewards of everyone's resources. Upon completion of the review process, most products that are submitted for review are placed in the lending library at Knowledge House Learning Resource Center, located at Crossroads Christian Fellowship in New River, Arizona.

    What Others Are Saying:

  • "Your product review always makes me want to go out and get what ever it is."
  • "You did such a great job on the SOS review!"
  • "I'm trying to make some final decisions on curriculum and...I do regard your opinion very highly. So, when you have a chance I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this."
  • "Good choice of books you recommend."
  • "Thank you for your very helpful review of the Switched-On-Curriculum."
  • "I enjoyed your post and the info on Phonics Tutor."

    Note from Teri:

  • On 4/4/06 I posted a review of a product because I was impressed with its quality. (I was not asked to review it but just did so on my own and then forwarded a copy to the company.) On 4/6/06, the publisher wrote back and said, "You know, Teri, We have had people visiting based upon your recommendation! Thank you for taking the time to review our books and then to post. Wow!"

    Would you like us to consider your product for review?


    These pages are a continuous work in progress.
    Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen
    All rights reserved.


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