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"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge
the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." ~Proverbs 24:3-4

Computers & Software

See Also: Educational Software
A list of recommended educational software, the top twenty favorites, and software to avoid.

See Also: Online Classes
This page provides links to all kinds of online classes.

See Also: Computer Links
This resource page provides many helpful links to computer tutorials, web design guides, HTML basics, graphics tools, color charts, and online game design courses.

Game Reviews

Christ-Centered Game Reviews is a Christ-centered game review site. It's not limited to Christian games, since the main focus is on secular games and their content. So many games out there are inappropriate for children and Christians. These reviews help Christians and parents choose their games wisely. They also discuss other criteria in games that even non-Christians will appreciate. This type of content is important because games are expensive and difficult to return. helps you to find games that are both fun and appropriate.

Christian Game Developers Foundation
A great source of game reviews from a Christian perspective, valuable tips, hints and online tools to protect your family, Christian gaming news, and much more!

Christian Computer Games
Christian games that are helpful and beneficial for your family, in the following categories: Action, Adventure, Casual, and Educational. Action games are targeted more toward teens and adults, and are very energetic games. Adventure games are targeted toward teens and adults, and are less energetic but require some heavy thinking. Casual games are suitable for school-age children to adults, and include the classic puzzle and card types. Educational games are primarily aimed at children, but some games are suitable for adults as well.

Family Friendly Gaming
This website is for and about video games from a family friendly viewpoint. The Family Friendly Gaming website goes hand in hand with the Family Friendly Gaming magazine - which was the first ever Christian video game magazine. There are plenty of family friendly video games out there; we work very hard to find them for you, and to give them their much deserved time in the limelight.

Game Praise
Gamepraise is a video games portal that has reviews, news, screenshots, videos and tips of new, upcoming and classic Christian video games. Browse by genre or by game console (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Xbox, Playstation 2 and PC) and demo, trade, rent or buy. Connect with other Christian gamers. Subscribe to a weekly video podcast to get the latest game videos to watch on your computer or iPod.


Apple Computer Inc.
Apple Computer has been associated with the educational market for over two decades. Finally recognizing the growing demands of homeschoolers, they are offering homeschools the ability to buy discounted hardware and software. To qualify, homeschoolers need to provide verification of their membership in a homeschooling organization, or they can alternately provide verification from a curriculum supplier or private school. Find out more by visiting the Apple Homeschool Web site: The website has links to homeschool associations and local groups; it also maintains the Apple Learning Interchange, a free online resource for educators interested in sharing curriculum resources.

How to Buy. Find out how to purchase Apple products for your homeschool at the Apple Store for Education, call 800-780-5009, or e-mail

Apple Homeschool Resources

Computer Curriculum

Computer Science Lab
Self-study materials on CD-ROM to teach high school students about computer programming. (These materials are also appropriate for motivated junior high students and curious adults of all ages.) The curriculum starts beginners on a programmable graphing calculator which is programmed simply by clicking on the keyboard keys. This non-threatening environment exposes the students to the concepts of program memory, data memory, variables, looping, conditional branches, debugging, tracing, etc. The curriculum then proceeds into assembly language where a simulation of an Intel 8051 microprocessor allows the students to control a scrolling signboard, a motorized mouse in a maze, and an audio peak detector. After this the students will be introduced to C++ and Windows programming. Originally developed for use in a public school "Computer Club," the on-line Help documentation is so extensive that these are excellent self-study programs for kids in a home school environment. Includes an "Illustrated History of Computers" reference paper describing the stranger-than-fiction history of computers, with over 50 photos of the earliest computing machines and background info on famous inventors such as Charles Babbage and Bill Gates. All this for one low price - less than $20!

Computer Science Curriculum for Homeschoolers
Computer Science Pure and Simple is a step-by-step introduction to three of the most common ways that people interact with computers: office skills, computer programming, and website design.

Homeschool Programming
This is a hands-on, college preparatory computer programming course, designed by software engineers just for homeschoolers!

HTML Tutorial for Beginners
Learn HTML Quickly and Easily; plus advanced tutorials, related articles and resources.

Keyboarding for the Christian School, by Leanne Beitel, can be used along with a software-based program or online program to further enhance your student's learning. Most of these programs are great for graphical use but fall short of actual teaching in word processing techniques. This book will help your middle school through high school student learn touch typing. Keyboarding for the Christian School is also available as an instantly downloadable e-book. The printable e-book is value-priced at $12.95, is about 2.3 MB in size and 84 pages. Purchase a copy here.

Computer Books

Build Your Own Website (Usborne Computer Guide)
by Asha Kalbag.

Homeschool Guide to the Internet
by Mark & Wendy Dinsmore.

Homeschool Guide to the Online World
by Mark & Wendy Dinsmore.

Internet for Christians
by Quentin J. Schultze.

Internet for Kids: A Beginner's Guide to Surfing the Net
by Ted Pedersen & Francis Moss.

Kids, Computers & Homework
by James G. Lengel & Diane S. Kendall.

Make Your Own Web Page! A Guide For Kids
by Ted Pedersen & Francis Moss.

Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning Programs
A complete sourcebook of accredited online courses.

Virtual College
by Pam Dixon
All you need to know to turn your home into a college classroom.

Computer Magazines

Christian Computing
P.O. Box 10, Lee's Summit MO 64063
816-246-1356; 816-246-1828 fax
Commentary, columns, software and game reviews for Christians.


ASAP Utilities
FREE powerful Excel add-in that fills the gaps in Excel and automates frequently used tasks. Since 1999 it has grown to become probably one of the world's most popular add-ins for MS Excel. This Microsoft Excel add-on includes a bunch of features. Tools range from handy to techie. But they're all useful. Assemble your favorite or most-used Excel features into a single menu. Scan your spreadsheet for missing formulas or cell references that won't work. You can even convert your work to a JPG or GIF image. This is great for the Web or for presentations. "If you are looking to add features to Excel, ASAP Utilities is for you." ~Kim Komando

Tech Support

Computer Hope
FREE online computer support and computer related information. Computer Hope has been designed to assist all types of computer users with any of their computer related questions as well as a great location to learn more about your computer and its hardware and software.

Tech on the Net
FREE helpful advice, HowTo's, FAQs and Forums. Primarily focusing on technologies such as: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, SQL, Oracle/PLSQL, UNIX, and Linux. The information presented is suitable for all programmers from beginner to expert.

Software Sources

Academic Software

AMC Technology
P. O. Box 2094 Carlsbad, CA 92018-2094
Wide variety of quality educational CD-ROM software, all at a discount; same or next day shipping.

This site offers all kinds of brand-name software for only $7.95 each with free shipping! Choose from titles like Clue Finders, Reader Rabbit, Super Tutor (Grammar, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra), Compton's Interactive Bible, American Heritage Talking Dictionary, Children's Bible Stories, Bible Library, Christian Games, Christian Graphics, Religious Clip Art, Mavis Beacon Typing, Beginner's Spanish, and many more. These are jewel-case versions of the same software sold in stores for $19.95 or more!
Kids software in the following subcategories: Art & Creativity, Bundled Programs, Early Learning, Games & Entertainment, General Curriculum, Grade School Specific, Graphics, Interactive Books, Language Arts, Mathematics, Reference, Science & Nature, Social Studies. Other categories include: Games, Home/Reference, General/Family, etc., plus a clearance aisle with incredible bargains!
Created by teachers for teachers, offering affordable software for students and educators. Home educators and homeschooled high school students can qualify for special pricing if they submit proof of membership in a homeschool organization.

Edusoft Family Fun Learning
P.O. Box 1498 Veneta, OR 97487
Phone/Fax (541) 935-5958
1-800-717-7163 (orders only)
Wholesome educational software for homeschoolers.

EZKidWeb: Web Site Builder for Kids
5633 Strand Blvd., Suite 318 Naples FL 34110
Phone: (239) 592-1816
Fax: (239) 592-0941
Now kids can create their own place on the Web in no time at all! With EZKidWeb software they can create great looking Web sites without all the complicated commands. They can apply one of over 500 included themes to their site to make it look cool, then even change the entire look with a few simple mouse clicks! The EZKidWeb CD includes thousands of clip art images, backgrounds, music clips and photos, so they can add excitement to their site to make it fun and interesting. And, it's easy to upload their Web site to AOL®, or any Internet Service Provider. Want to purchase EZKidWeb? Call 239-596-8655 or e-mail

The Home Computer Market
P.O. Box 385377 Bloomington, MN 55438
(612) 844-0462/1-800-827-7420
High quality educational software for the Christian home schooling family.

Instructional Media Services
Audiovisual media library; check out educational videos, CD-ROMS, and more without having to buy them; over 6,000 titles to choose from are delivered right to your home; $52.50 per year for homeschoolers' unlimited use.

Scholastic Software Club
2931 E. McCarty St./P.O. Box 7500 Jefferson City, MO 65102
Free catalog: educational software at reduced prices.

Science Education Software Inc.
P.O. Box 60790 Palo Alto, CA 94306
1-800-279-2105 Fax: (650)366-2744
Free catalog: K-12 educational software; science, math, & foreign languages.

Senari Software Inc.
23 Nob View, Little Rock AR 72206
(501)225-2796 Fax: (501)225-7846
Simple but effective interactive learning programs ranging from phonics and number identification to algebra, geometry and ACT/SAT vocabulary exercises; supported by a full range of worksheets, study units, manipulatives and learning games; many titles are adaptations and extensions of the popular DinoSoft Series, which Senari developed and programmed between 1991 and 1995. Founded in 1981 by Mrs. Micki Fitzpatrick, an educator and pioneer in the field of computer-aided instruction, Senari is now focusing on serving parents and homeschoolers by providing curriculum plans and quality educational software. Since most of her 16 grandchildren are now being home schooled, Mrs. Fitzpatrick has become a vital source of educational support and reinforcement for home-based curriculum.

Shareware Source
P. O. Box 925 Greenville, SC 29602-0925
1-800-236-1560/(864) 232-7102 or
Free catalog: disks & low-priced CD-ROMS; Home School Lesson Planner on disk ($2.50+$4 shipping).

Incredible software bargains! Lots of educational and early learning titles for as low as $5.95.

Sunburst Communications, Inc.
101 Castleton Street, P.O. Box 100 Pleasantville, NY 10570
1-800-321-7511 Fax: 1-914-747-4109
Educational software in a multitude of subjects for grades Pre K ­12; many of their titles are award winners; emphasis on lab packs & site licenses for schools; expensive for single users.

Surplus CD-ROM
Brand name software at below wholesale prices, including lots of educational titles, reference, and more. For example, the National Geographic 110-year 31-CD set which originally sold for $100 is only $39.99! Schools receive a 15% discount on all orders of $75 of more. Simply enter the word 'educate' when asked for a coupon code at check out.

Special Needs Technology

Access Watch
This website continually reviews computer access products of all sorts and keeps tabs on the accessibility of main stream software as well.

Duxbury Systems
Braille translation software. Supports grade 1 and grade 2 translation in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Malaysian, Swedish, and other languages.

Freedom Scientific
Assistive and adaptive technology products including Braille note takers, screen readers, screen enlargement programs and other adaptive products for computers.

GW Micro
Computer company that sells screen readers and speech synthesizers.

Human Ware
Digital tools, braille note takers and other adaptive computer equipment.

Kurzweil Educational Systems Inc.
Developer of reading technology for people with learning difficulties, people who are blind or visually impaired.

PCS Games
Computer games for people who are blind.

Producer of screen reading and specialized web browsing software, and host for an on-line community of blind people.

Internet Service

Christian Net
Christian Net is a family-friendly internet service provider, especially suitable for Christian families. They have good, friendly service, and Christian Net is by far the best value for filtered internet access anywhere!

Web Hosting
When I registered my Knowledge House domain name, I did a lot of research and checked out many web hosting sites. I decided to go with and now that I’ve used them, I can definitely say that I recommend them. It's easy to register a domain name, and their step-by-step “WebSiteNow” program enables you to set up a web site quickly. It’s simple enough for a beginner, but it’s also compatible with html if you know that. Their professional quality design templates allow you to pick and choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, fonts, colors, patterns, images, etc., and you can even insert your own jpeg or gif files. If you purchase your domain name through, you automatically get a free 3-page starter website. The free template designs are more limited, but you still get several to choose from. And on the free site they do put one of their own ads at the top of your page, but it looks nice and isn't in the way. You can log onto your account and update text or change layout whenever you want to. Their web hosting cost is very reasonable, as low as $3.27/month! ($4.95/month or $49/year for a 5-page site; $14.95/month or $149/year for a 20-page site.) The registration process was quick and easy, the site set up was simple and fun, and I’ve never had any problems with their service - no periods of down time or anything. They have toll-free 24/7 customer support but I never had to use it. I highly recommend!

GoDaddy Domains from $8.95/yr and lower


These pages are a continuous work in progress.
Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen
All rights reserved.

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