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"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge
the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." ~Proverbs 24:3-4

Computer Science

See Also: Computers & Software
Game reviews, software sources, computer curriculum, special needs technology, etc.

Free HTML Tutorials Online

  • Writing HTML - A tutorial for creating web pages. By the time you have reached the end of this tutorial you will be able to construct a series of linked web pages for any subject that includes formatted text, pictures, and hypertext links to other web pages on the Internet. Here, you will be writing a lesson called Volcano Web. However, this tutorial may be used by anyone who wants to create web pages.
  • Web Adventure Tutorials - Easy to use self-paced beginning tutorials.
  • HTML Made Easy - Web Design for Beginners.
  • HTML Code Tutorial - Complete guide to creating web pages.
  • Webreference - HTML with Style Tutorials.
  • HTML Goodies - Ultimate HTML resource.
  • HTML Source Code - Get started on your site right now!
  • HTML Table Tutor - A few simple lessons on how to make tables for your web documents.
  • Page Resource - Advanced HTML Tutorials.
  • Desktop Publishing and HTML Tutorials - This site is used by many colleges around the world as an assignment reference and online training source.
  • Webmonkey - A free, public resource for web developers.

HTML Tricks & Tips

HTML Guides & HTML Help

Visibooks: Computer Books for Visual Learners - Free online computer how-to tutorials based on pictures, not words. Visibooks are computer books that employ hundreds of large illustrations and very little text and are downloadable for free. Screen shots and diagrams show you exactly what to do and the illustrations guide you step-by-step through real-world tasks. The easiest way to learn computer subjects! Titles available include:
  • HTML and CSS
  • Microsoft Office
  • Open Office
  • Web Graphics

Web Developers Virtual Library - Encyclopedia of Web Design Tutorials, Articles and Resources.

Web Know How
The ultimate web development directory, lists hundreds of tutorials and guides for all aspects of web design and authoring. Great resource!

Yale C/Aim Web Style Guide - You may want to make this your first stop once you have learned HTML and are ready to develop your web site. The Yale Style Guide is a comprehensive, well-written guide to all aspects of successful web pages including the purpose of your site and design strategies, links and navigation, site structure, design grids, typography, web graphics and web multimedia and animation.

Web Design Education Resources

Authoring for Web TV - Loads of information here on what formats are supported by Web TV and how to design your site for viewing on television. Web Authoring Tutorials - Tutorials and guides for learning HTML, Web building for beginners, Stupid Web Tricks, how to choose HTML Editors, power tools for HTML experts and more. also provides reviews of available authoring software that you are sure to find useful.

Hotwired's Webmonkey - You'll find some of the best web design tutorials at Webmonkey: HTML, Design, Stylesheets, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Browsers, Java and lots more.

Publish - Great HTML tricks and web design articles.

Smart Webby Web Design Guide - The Smart Webby Web Design Guide is a collection of articles, tips, guidelines and resources on how to design attractive and fast-loading web sites. Also included are step-by-step tutorials and useful tips and tricks on Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

Web Developers Virtual Library - Another huge learning resource containing tutorials and guides for web authoring, design, and graphics.

Web Know How
The ultimate web development directory, lists hundreds of tutorials and guides for all aspects of web design and authoring. Great resource!

Yale C/Aim Web Style Guide - You may want to make this your first stop once you have learned HTML and are ready to develop your web site. The Yale Style Guide is a comprehensive, well-written guide to all aspects of successful web pages including the purpose of your site and design strategies, links and navigation, site structure, design grids, typography, web graphics and web multimedia and animation.

Online Design and Illustration Tutorials

PageLab shows you how to design cool stuff. John McWade, an award-winning publication designer has created these graphic design tutorials for you to learn and enjoy:
  • How to Design a Logo of Letters - shows you all the ways to coax, cajole and prod all kinds of letters into excellent logotypes.
  • Magic in Red, Green and Blue - illustrates the fascinating workings of red, green and blue (RGB) lights, how to spec exactly the colors you want, and the simple 20% rule for making perfect browser colors for display on the World Wide Web.
  • How to Design a Lettermark - an illustrated letter is an especially effective type of trademark. This tutorial shows you how to design one simply.
  • Multiples! - how to energize your design using multiples of a single image.
These graphic design tutorials are full of colour and examples, interactivity and animation, not to mention excellent information. If you want to see great design in action and learn from it, you'll want to see this site. Enjoy!

Mike's Sketchpad
Choose from a huge, huge selection of online tutorials for desktop publishing and computer graphics at Mike's Sketchpad. Categories of design tutorials include: Photoshop, Corel, QuarkXPress, Deneba Canvas, Mastering Illustration, Porting, Animation and more.

Photoshop Tips & Tricks offers a large collection of Photoshop tips & tricks, as well as free online Photoshop seminars.

Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
Photoshop, Corel, Painter and PaintShop Pro tips and tutorials.

TIEM Design Tutorials
The Internet EYE Magazine offers hundreds of graphic design tutorials both online and downloadable in PDF format. Topics covered include: Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel, PaintShop Pro, Painter and more.

Desktop Publishing Tutorials
You'll find a wide range of free online tutorials here on various desktop publishing topics: Scanning, Image Output, Text & Drawing, Color and Paint & Bitmaps.

Graphics Unleashed
Visit Graphics Unleashed for a big selection of free online tutorials for Corel graphic products.

Tech Drawing Tools
Serious technical illustrators will rejoice at the comprehensive collection of isometric illustration tutorials utilizing CorelDRAW at Tech Drawing Tools. Also at the site - Tech Drawing Tools software, tips and tricks, and symbol libraries.

Eyewire Tips
Lots of online tutorials and tips for general design, Photoshop, PakeMaker, Illustrator, ImageReady and more.

Computer Arts Tutorials
Computer Arts offers a large selection of free online tutorials for Photoshop, vector and 3D design. is home to tips, tricks, articles, expert advice, free stuff and how-tos for CorelDraw, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel VENTURA.

Free Cover Art Tutorial
"Do It Yourself Cover Art Tutorial" is a free online (or downloadable) tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to create cover art for e-books. You'll learn how to create 3d books, boxes, magazines and more all from easy to use templates; rotate & skew text to any angle; add shadows, bevels, and other special effects; add and work with graphics; and where to get professional royalty free graphics.

Learn Powerpoint

Learn Powerpoint with this free online tutorial:

- Powerpoint Tutorial

Powerbacks 2000
Inexpensive creative backgrounds, specially designed for Microsoft® PowerPoint®, internationally available through online Downloads and CD-ROMs. Visit the site for a free background of the week download.

Online Freehand Tutorials

- ThinkDan Tutorials
- Webreference
- Freehand Tutorials

Online Typography Tutorials

Typofile - Techniques & Technology
Good tutorials here on the basics of using type, using typefaces together, and how to avoid the overused. Also try Esperfonto for help on choosing fonts.

Robin Williams Type Talk
You'll enjoy these quick and informative insights to fonts and typographic design.

Microsoft Typography
Microsoft's Typography is a huge learning and information resource for fonts, TrueType Typography, and typography for the web. You'll find typography news, font foundries information, type history, type magazines, utilities, and resources for developers.

Type Right For A Pro Look
Webreference's Wendy Peck has put together an excellent set of tutorials on typography beginning with "Type Right for a Pro Look". Then you can continue your learning with: Controlling Text Position, Photoshop Typography, Photoshop Controlling Text, PaintShop Pro Typography, Fireworks Typography, and Fireworks Customizing Text.


Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.

Font Menu
Hundreds of original typefaces and font families including decorative, sans serif, serif, script, machine readable, engineering, education, calligraphy, Old English, monospaced, and more.

School Fonts
Block Letters and Cursive Handwriting school fonts to teach and learn the written language with ease. School fonts have been created with the help of teachers, to ensure best results, and ease of use. These typefaces follow the D'Nealian and Zaner-Bloser methods, and current education standards.

Cool Text
Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Cool Text also has over 1,200 fonts available for download or use with the generator.

Web Tools

Link Popularity
A free online service that checks your link popularity. Because search engines are starting to use link popularity in the ranking determination, you'll want to monitor who's linking to your site and discover other sites you can exchange links with.

Keyword Counter
Use this free keyword analyzer to compare keyword density of top words in URLs. Analyze density of your keywords before you submit to engines for one last check that your pages are fully optimized for high search engine rankings.

CBT Cafe
CBT café offers on-demand, free, video-based training movies for graphics and web design related programs including Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, QuickTime and Ebay Video Tutorials. The movies are free to anyone, anytime and only require the free, QuickTime plugin to watch them. HTML written tutorials are also available for people who prefer that learning style.

Dmitry's Design Lab
Dmitry's Design Lab at takes up where standard HTML tutorials leave off with a look at the basics of proper design. Currently there are 25 free online tutorials in such diverse topics as Logo Design, The Art of Animation, Preparing for XML, The Flesh and Soul of Information, Size and Proportion in Web Graphics, The World of Color and much, much more. This is required reading for anyone involved in designing web sites!

The HTML Writers Guild
The world's largest international organization of Web authors with over 85,000 members in more than 130 nations worldwide. The HTML Guild is a great resource for web authoring and design and has a large variety of web publishing and design online courses available to it's members. A sample of an online classes offered:

  • Creating Web Graphics with Paint Shop Pro
Trial memberships are offered for free. A full membership is $49 per year and you can take the online courses at a reduced rate.

Free Online Graphics Tutorials & Tips

Vector Graphics 101
Learn to create Paintshop Pro cartoon graphics with the Toon cat!

Photoshop Tutorials
This tutorial will show you how to create shapes in Photoshop.

Paint Shop Pro Interactive Zone
Large selection of Paintshop Pro Tutorials
Flash 5 Free Tutorial. Understand the main elements of the Flash interface and more.

Web Graphics, Backgrounds, & Colors

Hoover Web Templates - Free Webmaster Tools include free web templates, free fonts, free web graphics, button generators, free business forms and much more!

From Gabriel Ross..."This web site began a decade ago when I found myself having trouble finding a good background texture for my first web site (long gone!) and realizing that the internet needed a good comprehensive archive of textures for use in web pages. So I made one myself, and since then it seems to have become the most popular one. I also created a web graphics archive, as well as one of fonts and sound effects. Eventually, features were added that allows you to customize the background textures in interesting ways. And more recently, I created the Button Maker, Logo Maker, and Menu Maker features which have proven very popular indeed. There's a whole lot more in progress at that you won't find anywhere else on the web, at least not for free: realistic 3D logos, complex animated Flash logos and menu systems, beautiful new button types, all fully customizable. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy making it for you..."

The various web browsers available often implement JavaScript differently or not at all. This site can help make the correct choice color.

Generating Colors in HTML
Wonderful resource for selecting your website colours. The color samples in the tables on the pages are not images; they are generated by the HTML of this page. Netscape 3.0 (or higher) or Internet Explorer 2.0 (or higher) are required in order to view the samples.

Computer Hope
Nice color code chart.

HTML Color Picker
Another great resource for selecting website colors, just click on the color and the hex code is generated.
Free web graphics and backgrounds plus animations, Java applets, Javascript, and more.

This site contains hundreds of original, totally free web page graphics. These free images include page sets, tiled or seamless backgrounds, borders, arrows, themes, buttons, banners and clipart links.

Backgrounds Etc.
Free high quality background images for desktop wallpapers, graphic design, twitter, myspace and other purposes. Browse our collection and check back often as we will be updating this website frequently with more great wallpapers.

Harmony Hollow Graphics
Web sets, holiday sets, stained glass, animated globes, and seamless background tiles.

ButtonBoost - Free Button Generator. Create customized buttons. Many styles to choose from!

CoolRGB is a free online generator that helps you create graphics like logos, web buttons, web panels, banners and icons. You are free to use them as you like.

Background City
Your best source for backgrounds, all original and absolutely free!

Smart Web Center Backgrounds
Free Public Domain Backgrounds: abstract, artistic, cloth, coarse textures, embossed, food, geometric, pictures and images, marble, metallic, nature, neon, patterns, rocks, shapes, sidebars, swirls, fine textures, tiles, transparent, wood.

All Free Backgrounds
Hundreds of select free backgrounds and texture graphics for your website in most every color plus marble, paper, wood, business, nature, metal, brick and many more! Handy Color tools help you choose which text and link colors look best for your web pages against each background.
Abstract, Holiday, Grunge, Retro, Floral, Paper, Wood, Textures, and many more free web backgrounds in high resolution.

Tiled Background Designer
Create any pattern your site needs in just a few minutes. A wide variety of images to choose from with adjustable size, colors, texture and transparency.

Absolute Background Textures Archive
Thousands of attractive background textures for use in web pages, graphical software or on your desktop; sorted by color and motif.

Texture Library
These textures may be freely used as backgrounds, textures in 3D scenes, parts of images, etc but they may not be redistributed as (or part of) a texture collection. The textures are divided into the following categories and an attempt has been made not to burden any single page with too many images. Be aware that some textures can be interpreted in a number of ways. If you find any of these textures useful then why not improve the collection by contributing some of your own.

Background Labs
Free backgrounds and patterns. A wide variety of Photoshop backgrounds, patterns, textures and graphics for use in customizing your Twitter profile, blogs and websites. Browse by color, by tags and styles. It can't get simpler to find any graphics than on Background Labs!

Which Color Palette?
There is much discussion and confusion on the Web about color palettes. There is, in fact, no one universal 8-bit palette that will not dither on all platforms. There is, however, a 216-color palette that will not dither on most.

The Web-Safe Color Dilemma
You might have heard of the browser-safe palette, Netscape palette, 216 palette, Web palette, and/or 6x6x6 color cube. All these terms refer to the same set of colors, which this page will describe in detail.

Webmasters Color Laboratory
A clickable page showing colors and information to help you with Graphic design.

216 Web-Safe Color Chart
Colors are represented on the computer screen by the amount of red, green and blue displayed. The colors are created by mixing light. If all three are set to zero, black results. When red, green and blue are on 100%, the result is white.

HTML color codes and names
Use the HTML color picker if you need to choose from an almost infinite variety of colors, or see the HTML color codes page for a full listing of color codes and additional information about using them in your web page.

Clip Art & Images

A collection of high-quality public domain images specifically tailored for use in word processors and optimized for printing on home/small office inkjet printers. There are thousands of color graphic clips as well as illustrations, photographs and black and white line art. Nearly all are in lossless, PNG format.

Public Domain Clip Art
HUGE collection of free public domain clip art.

Karen's Whimsy
Hundreds of beautiful images gleaned from old books, magazines, and postcards.

Liam's Pictures from Old Books
Scanned Images, Engravings and Pictures From Old Books.

Clip Art Etc
Free quality educational clipart for students and teachers! Every item comes with a choice of image size and format as well as complete source information for proper citations in school projects. No advertisement-filled pages with pop-up windows or inappropriate links here. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 educational clipart items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission. An online service of Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse.

Hassle Free Clip Art
Clip art pieces that are completely free to use with no strings attached.
Royalty free public domain clip art.

Free Gifs and Animations
Everything needed to build or enhance your website.

Free Clipart Animations, GIF & Animated.

Full Free Stuff
Free graphics, animations, cliparts and more to spice up your website content.

Free Clip Art Now
A large collection of high quality, public domain clipart graphics for presentations, web pages, documents, emails, etc.

Internet Clip Art
Over 2240 original graphics as well as some tips for those who might be interested in graphic creation themselves and some good clipart links and resources too! Categories include animals, backgrounds, bugs, butterflies, moths, dogs, nature, classic cars, gardening, golf, hunting, medical, business, music, sports, seasonal, nature, people, ocean, tools, holidays and more!

Public Domain Pictures
Royalty free stock photos. All images are free for commercial and personal use.

PD Photo
Royalty Free, Public Domain, Stock Photo Database.

Large collection of free public domain stock photos.

Public domain images, copyright friendly digital pictures, and public domain wallpapers for kids, parents, students, teachers, professors, webmasters, all creative artists and everyone else who need free copyright friendly pictures for use in any private and / or commercial project.

Easy Stock Photos
Easy Stock Photos is the best way to find royalty free stock photos, pictures, images & information in the public domain. Find thousands of free stock photos, pictures, images & information the easy way. Search for a digital photo, browse the image galleries, download and use as you please.

National Park Service Digital Image Archives
This site provides links to public domain digital images of national parks, monuments, historic sites and related areas. All images posted on this site are free, and may be used without a copyright release from the NPS.

Computer Art

Computer Art Lessons Using the "Paint" Program that Comes With Windows (Lessons include: The Sweep, Op Art Design, Positive-Negative Design, Creative Name Design, Quilt Designs, Tessellation, Symmetry, Calligraphy, and more. This site will draw the reader's attention from the way in which it is colorfully designed. The work posted here is uniformly high quality and worth viewing. One may also find idea handouts and student work. Click here.)

HTML Table Tutorial (Make picture frames for your artwork using HTML tables.)

Free Game Design Courses and Resources Online

Game Theory and Mechanism Design Course - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a number of free game development and computer science courses through the school's OpenCourseWare project. All courses are downloadable and include lecture notes, problem sets and similar materials.

Instructional Games Course - Like MIT, Utah State University offers several free downloadable courses through their OpenCourseWare Project. Courses that are of interest to game designers and developers include readings, class discussions and game design projects.

Introduction to Game Development - Materials from a recent Tufts University Experimental College game development course can be accessed for free online, via the course website. Lectures, assignments, examples and resources are easy to view and include all of the information you need to get hands-on experience in computer game development.

Programming in C++ Course - The University of Southern Queensland in Australia provides free access to sample courses online. Not many would be useful to aspiring game designers and developers, but there is a comprehensive C++ programming course that would be helpful to beginner and intermediate level programmers.

Principles of Game Design Course - Alan Emrich has taught game design at the University of California at Irvine, The Art Institute of California and Stanford University. You can now view materials from his Principles of Game Design course online, including the syllabus, homework assignments and reading assignments. Rather than video games, this course focuses on the development and design of board games and card games.

Game Development Tutorial for Beginners - is a complete resource for game developers. The site features an enormous collection of articles, tutorials and other resources. You'll also find job listings, product reviews, contests and more.

Tricks of 3D Game Programming Ebook - is a massive site offering free video lectures, audio lectures, online tests, ebook downloads and forums. There is something new added every day and a handy search feature that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Game Maker Download - YoYo Games doesn't offer a traditional game design and development course, but they do have a free downloadable game maker that lets you create your own video games. You'll also find zip file tutorials that will teach you how to design your own first person shooter games, maze games, 3-dimensional games, platform games and scrolling shooter games.


These pages are a continuous work in progress.
Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen
All rights reserved.

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