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"Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational!" ~Charles M. Schulz

Fun Websites for Kids

Fun and educational links for kids of all ages - Mom and Dad, too!

The following sites are considered to be child-safe; however,
parents should always monitor their children's internet use.

Read our policy regarding Children and the Internet.

Teens! Click here!

Scroll all the way down for a fun game!
The Totally Trivia Search Engine

Arts & Crafts
A whole page of arts and crafts links.

123 Kidz Area: Family Internet Directory
Games, homework helpers, printables, e-cards, recipes, and more.

Alfred's Fun Zone
Learn about different aspects of music while having fun at the same time!

American Diabetes Association's Youth Zone
A great site for kids and teens who have diabetes. You will find lots of info and tips to help you stay in control of your diabetes. You'll also find games and an interactive forum where you can post questions to other kids who have diabetes. Also, a parent can call 1-800-DIABETES to order a free Wizdom kit to answer your questions about diabetes and keep you laughing at the same time.

America's Library
Discover the stories of America's past! Meet amazing Americans! Jump back in time! Explore all 50 states! Learn about America's favorite pastimes, sports and hobbies! Watch a movie, hear a song, play a tune from America's past. Play online games, go on a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. This educational and entertaining website was designed by the Library of Congress. It's a great site for children and families to explore together.

Ask a Biologist
This site is designed and maintained by Arizona State University's Life Sciences Visualization Group, as an educational resource for K-12 students and their teachers. Submit a question, read interesting articles, try an experiment, check out the links to other websites, and other fun stuff!

Ask an Astronomer
Curious about astronomy? Ask an astronomer! Find the topic you're interested in from the archive on our site menu, or ask your own question. It will be forwarded to one of the participating scientists at Cornell University. Most of us are graduate students studying for PhDs in astronomy, and all of us are actively involved in astronomy research, but we love to take time out from our work to share our knowledge with those who are curious.

Ask Jeeves For Kids
Natural language question answering site for children 7-14.

This website includes interesting and useful information to make birdwatching easy and enjoyable - a vocabulary section, bird-watching and bird-feeding tips, bird vocalizations and images, a "tricky ID" section, and more. You can also participate in the Christmas Bird Count or Great Backyard Bird Count (held annually in February) and view results from previous years.
The Super Site for kids, presented in a protected window environment; games, sports, brains, family, fun.

Brains Rule!
This site promotes learning about the brain and nervous system among children using new and exciting teaching methods. Ask a question and win free stuff! Your question will be answered by a neuroscience professional.

Bry-Back Manor
A site designed for young children with little or no reading skills: tons of printable coloring pages and activity sheets (including math worksheets); garden fun, holiday fun, picture recipes, lots of cool icons, and downloadable games made especially for Macintosh users (will not run on PC's).

Colorful learning activities, inspiring ideas, card creator, color corner, helpful information, and virtual factory tour.

Cyber Camp

A summer's worth of facts, fun, crafts, and activities that will keep a child's interest year 'round. Visit the Craft Cabin, go to the Dining Hall, explore Mindbender Cave, and take a Nature Walk.

Children ages six and up can learn exciting subjects through hands-on activities and guided, online support. was named one of the "Top Ten Teaching Sites for the 21st Century" because of its use of innovative, informative, interactive project-based learning. Subject areas include: Art/Creative Constructions, Physics/Mechanics, Chess, Electricity, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Computer Programming and the Internet. (For the Engineering and Architecture classes, you will need a large supply of Legos!)

Educational Web Adventures
Explore the worlds of art, science, and history through award-winning web adventures.
Knowledge is cool! This online encyclopedia features direct e-mail services. With Topic Tracker you get automatic notification any time an article is posted on the topic you choose. The Today in History service sends you daily e-mails of famous people who died or were born on that date, as well as historical events that occured.

Explorations 4 Kids
Many different educational websites for kids, organized by subject.

A museum of science, art, and human perception with interactive online exhibits. This Webby Award-winning site was put together by San Francisco's famous interactive science museum. Hundreds of online experiments are perfect for use in science classes. Animated Shockwave exhibits recreate the experience of real exhibits from the museum.

Fact Monster
This resource is an all-in-one atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. In addition to a section devoted to help with homework, there's also an online arcade with games for both education and just fun.
Select any category for academic games by category (6 & under, 7-10, 11-14, 15 & up)

Game Goo: Learning that Sticks!
Cognitive Concepts produced this fun educational play site, with no hidden advertising agenda. Given the limitations of the medium and the connection speed (high speed access is a definite advantage on this site), you will be impressed at the range of play that is available. The animations are inventive while the characters are unique and entertaining. Each game can be played quickly with audio and visual encouragement and rewards. New puzzles are always being added, which means your child will want to revisit Game Goo again and again. Recommended for ages 4-8. Winner of the National Parenting Council Seal of Approval 2000.

Games Kids Play
Directions & rules for tons of classic games like marbles, dodge ball, duck duck goose, and more (over 250 games).

Holidays on the Web
My favorite holiday site! Find out all about holidays from around the world, customs and traditions, the history behind holidays, menus and recipes, crafts and activities, stories and poems, holiday clip art, send holiday greetings, and more.

How Stuff Works
Explanations of how stuff works; wide variety of topics including money and holidays.

How Things Work
A physics professor answers questions about how things work. This guy can explain everything from bouncing balls to nuclear reactors.

Internet for Kids
Web page hints, tips, and tricks; games; links to cool sites; a web search tutorial; kids can launch their own web page where other kids can see it.

Internet Public Library Youth Division
A virtual library complete with a reference section, children's fiction, story hour, fun activities and games, homework help, resources for teachers and parents, hundreds of interesting and informative links.

Junior Philatelists
Junior Philatelists website for young stamp collectors. Interesting stamp facts and tips on how to start your own stamp collection.

Kid Printables
This site is full of free printable projects and fun creative stuff for kids - plus great ideas for teachers and homeschooling moms, too!

Kids Castle
Lots of interesting facts about science, sports, history, the arts, travel, air and space for 8 - 16 year-olds, all with great photos.

Kids Design Network
Investigate a challenge, dream up a design, and draw your plans on the computer. Then, using the Internet, you can show your design to a real engineer! They'll help with your design, so you can go and build it! And best of all, it's free! Check out the cool animation at the beginning.

Kids Domain
Games, holidays, crafts, cliparts, downloads, brainbuilders, and a section for grownups with tips on safe web surfing and useful links.

Kids Online
View other kids' web pages, find an e-mail pal, join a computer kids club, learn about the parts of a computer, read stories written by kids, check out the fun zone, learning area, and hundreds of kid links.

Kids Space
A Creation-based site where kids can find out more about space (including web links); learn about stars and constellations; learn about Genesis One, Dinosaurs and Cavemen, take a quiz and solve a puzzle. Part of the Reasons to Believe website, this site was designed by a homeschooling mother, whose 13-year-old son did the html and programming to make the site work.

Knots on the Web
Learn about knot tying, knot theory, & knot art.

McGruff's Child Safety Center
Coloring pages, comics, games, and tips for learning all about safety, including safety on the internet.

Mad Science: The 24-Hour Exploding Laboratory!
The MadSci Network represents a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions. For good measure they provide a variety of oddities and other ends as well. Check out the Mad faq's, Mad archives, Mad library, Mad labs, Random Knowledge Generator, and Ask a Scientist.

Make Ice Cream
Ice cream facts, trivia, history, and recipes.

Make Stuff
Hundreds of craft projects, recipes, creative ideas for recycling household objects, etc. Click on Kids Stuff for simple activities just for kids.

Mega Math Tables
Wonderful site that is fun and challenging. Games help children refine their math skills. Shockwave is needed to play the games.

NASA Kids Club
Tell a kid you know about NASA Kids Club - they collect virtual trading cards, trade them online, have their own e-mail account, and participate in great learning activities for extra club points.

Organizations Started by Kids
The organizations listed here were started and are run by kids like you. They had ideas for projects to help their communities and those projects then grew into organizations. If you have an idea about how to help your community and want to find resources to help you get started, click here.

Our Wild Neighbors
An interactive educational resource for kids about Alaskan animals, from the National Parks Service.

PBS Kids
I don't like PBS's liberal bias or their one-sided coverage of evolution, but they do have some good quality children's programs. The PBS website contains lots of supplemental activities for fans of the shows.

Patch the Pirate Adventures
Put on your sailor hat and come aboard to explore this website! Get ready for an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Just click on the antenna and listen to Patch the Pirate FREE online! Plus, print out cool coloring pages of Patch and his friends!

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Kids Corner
Take off with cool paper airplanes for you to build, fun science projects, a cartoon story about flying, dot-to-dots, word searches, a scavenger hunt, and an interactive suitcase game.

Presidential Prayer Team for Kids
Kids can sign up and receive an exclusive kids-only presidential prayer update weekly by e-mail, cool stories of Christians in American history, ways that kids can help America and our President, trivia contests and games with awesome prizes, special places and dates in America, downloadable stickers, posters, and more. It’s free!

This website generates all kinds of customized puzzles including word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, cryptograms, and number blocks.

SFS Kids Fun With Music
Learn about all of the instruments in an orchestra, experiment with sounds in the music lab, hear different tempos, and make a tune with the composerizer. A great, fun site!

SkyWise is a series of colorful, educational, comic strips about astronomy. Originally published in Sky & Telescope magazine from 1997-2001, they are grouped by subject and order of appearance.

The Space Place
Space science in action, amazing facts, make and do spacey things. A great site with lots of fun projects!

Space Wander
Take an amazing virtual space trip. You can fly to Mars and through the Universe! It's free and fun for all ages!

Star Child
A learning center for young astronomers. Choice of levels and activities for different ages. Questions & answers; printable pages.

Smithsonian Institution for Kids
Lots of fun online stuff for kids: animals to color, cool info about bugs, learn how to play a Viking board game, experiments, puzzles, and more.

Student News Net
Features U.S., world, sports, and education news, briefs, and quizzes tailored for children.

Surfing the Net with Kids
A huge selection of fun, educational web sites with a wide variety of topics.

ThinkQuest Library
More than 5,000 unique educational web sites to search and surf, created by kids for kids through ThinkQuest competitions and programs; a great place to get ideas for your own project.

U.S. Department of Treasury Kid's Page
Games, fun tests, etc. to help kids understand money.

The Twinkie Project
Absolutely hilarious! A must see for all ages!

Virtual Church Children's Page
Bible Stories and Coloring Pages, links to Bible games and activity pages, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School resources, and more.

War Eagles Air Museum
Online exhibits of aircraft, automobiles, and military equipment from WWII. Click on the appropriate links to hear and see the planes in action! When you're done looking at the exhibits, go to "Fun Stuff" to take an engine sounds quiz and cockpit identification quiz. You can also print out airplane pictures to color in.

Jim Arnosky's Wildlife Journal
A colorful wildlife web page for kids, with fun facts and coloring pages.

Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Fun science site from the Discovery Channel. Visit Worm World and other yucky gross science things!

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
An entire online science museum with many interesting exhibits!

Kids' Corner at the Smithsonian
Kids Corner, the Smithsonian American Art Museum's interactive art room for children.

700+ Great Sites for Kids
Amazing, Spectacular, Mysterious, Colorful Web Sites for Kids and The Adults Who Care About Them.

Kids Ballooning
Step-by-step balloon twisting instructions with Magical Balloon-dude Dale. Make all kinds of animals, hats, swords, and more!

Organic Valley Farm Friends Kids Club
Learn about animals in "Down Nature's Trail with Dan Hazlett," get a free fun activity booklet, click on "Farm Friends Kids Club" to go on an organic farm tour, view a glossary of farm terms, and read "James' Journal," in which an 8th-grade boy tells about life on an organic farm.

Word Central
Look up words in the student dictionary, build your own dictionary, stump your friends with the daily buzzword, create poems using an online verse composer, and more at this site designed just for kids from Merriam-Webster.

World Wide Web Treasure Hunt
Answer the questions on the treasure hunt pages to unlock the Museum Mania treasure chest.

The Most Annoying Web Page
Hey, visit this great site!

The End of the Internet
A special page for kids who are really into web surfing!

Look for more fun kids links to be added soon!

In the meantime, try visiting these other pages:

Subjects & Specialties
A whole library of links arranged by subject, where you can look up everything from Art to Zoology.

Freebie Links
Some of these freebies are for kids - but make sure you ask your mom before signing up for anything!

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