The Day I Saw George Bush
By Peter Olsen

It was Saturday, August 12th, 2000. Dad took my brother and me up to Prescott, Arizona to see George Bush. Mr. Bush wants to be our next President. He was on his way to Sedona, Arizona. Senator John McCain invited Mr. and Mrs. Bush to spend the weekend at his ranch up there. Prescott was Arizona's first capital. George Bush was going to give a speech on the steps of the old courthouse.

When we got there, we had to drive down a side street to park. Then we walked back to where George Bush was going to be. While we were walking, we crossed Granite Creek. We also passed by lots of tents where people were selling stuff. A lot of people were there already even though we were early.

We ate a big breakfast at the Plaza Cafe. I had a HUGE omelet. I also had hash browns, sourdough toast, jelly, and hot chocolate. Jon had two blueberry pancakes and pink lemonade. Dad had eggs benedict and tomato juice. I almost finished my omelet!

After we left the restaurant, we picked a spot to sit down. We sat there for a while. Then Dad and Jon went to get some dessert. I stayed there to save our spots. There was a long line, so it took them a long time to get the ice cream. I had strawberry ice cream with lots of M&M's. So did Jon. Dad had a berry smoothie.

We had to wait a long time before George Bush came. When we finished our ice cream it was probably about noon. We had to wait two more hours until George Bush was supposed to start talking.

Some other people started talking first, and I got bored. Governor Jane Hull, Prescott Mayor Sam Steiger, Senator John McCain, Representative J.D. Hayworth, Bob Stump, and Lisa Keegan were all there. Finally, George Bush got up there and said something. During the time he was talking, they were shooting red, blue, and silver shiny confetti out of cannons that didn't make any noise. Some confetti landed right at our feet, so we brought it home.

When George Bush finished talking, at the end everyone started chanting "No more Gore!" It was over, so we walked back to the car. We passed a small group of people on the side of the street who didn't like George Bush. They had signs saying bad things about him. One guy called him a liar. But no one was paying any attention to them.

We crossed Granite Creek again. Then we went home. It rained a little bit while we were driving in the car. We could see a big storm to the north of us.

I hope George Bush gets elected. Then I'll be able to say that I saw a President of the United States!

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