Pirates & Homeschooling
By Peter Olsen

I liked the time we studied about pirates. I was reading the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. It's an adventure story about a boy, buried treasure, and pirates.

We looked up pirates on the Internet. We found lots of pirate web sites. They told about famous pirates and the history of pirates. I learned about the foods they ate, the names of pirates, pirate sayings, and pirate flags. Some sites even had images, maps, and sound clips.

My mom found a complete teaching unit for Treasure Island on the Internet. It had vocabulary words, comprehension questions, a map of the island, a diagram of all the parts of a schooner, a list of books, related activities and projects, and links to other web sites.

On my birthday I had a pirate party. I dressed up like a pirate. We made paper pirate hats. We had a treasure hunt, a treasure chest piñata, a cake with a skull and crossbones on it. We listened to old sailing songs. My dad put a Jolly Roger flag up on top of his sailboat mast.

It was fun learning about pirates!


Our Favorite Pirate Web Sites:
Treasure Island Teaching Unit.
Pirate Image Archives.
Pirate Fact & Fiction Material.
An elementary school's pirate project
This site has some excellent links.
The Buccaneer Trading Company
Historical info, books & artifacts.
New England Pirate Museum
Printable educational materials.
Welcome to Pirate's Cove
A nautical archaeologist's site about pirates & ships.
Hawkins Scurvy Crew
A pirate page written by a former homeschooler, so it also contains some homeschooling information.

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