Not Just For Kids Reprints - Just $1.00 each! *

Not Just For Kids pages are now available as printed handouts. These are perfect for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, librarians, child care providers, club leaders and you! Most topics contain at least four 8.5 x 11" pages packed with information, educational activities, and additional resources, nicely presented on quality paper.

*(Copies of other selected articles are also available for $1.00 each. Most of these are also four pages.)

Please Note: I realize that you can simply print out these pages on your own computer, but if you like my work and would care to help support this site, please consider purchasing the copies from me. The $1.00 cost will be used to offset expenses for researching and preparing each article. It is not for profit, but to assist in distributing this information to families and classrooms everywhere. By purchasing these articles, you are granted unlimited home and classroom use only. Further reproduction for any other purpose without permission is a violation of copyright.

Send your order along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and money required to:

Tip: Remember to ask for each article by name so that we know what you are ordering. Checks are accepted and preferred. Please make checks payable to Teri Olsen. If you must send change, we recommend taping it down, preferably between a folded-over index card, so that it won't tear through the envelope. (However, we do not recommend sending cash through the mail because it tends to get lost or stolen.) Your self-addressed stamped envelope will save time and assure a speedy delivery. Thanks!


Citizens Rule Book & Jury Handbook

(61 page booklet) My husband, Richard, and I are promoting this booklet in memory of his father, the late Charles R. Olsen. As owner of Whitten Printers (the Olsen family business), "Charlie" printed and distributed this pocket-sized booklet to inform American citizens of their rights. Includes the complete text of The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, a Handbook for Jurors, and more.


From Trauma to Triumph: Our Arizona Home School Roots by Teri Ann Berg Olsen - This book, to be published by Arizona Families for Home Education, covers the history of homeschooling in our state. If you were involved in the homeschooling movement in Arizona during the 1980's or before and would like to share your story, please contact the author at love-2-learn@ We are also looking for information about early pioneer homeschoolers, and historical photographs related to homeschooling in Arizona.

Roots of Wisdom: Timeless Advice on Teaching Children Well by Teri Ann Berg Olsen - Coming soon!
Roots of Wisdom: Timeless Advice on Teaching Children Well contains hundreds of quotations--including a special section of Bible verses--on education and child training. This treasury of rhetorical gems, both classic and contemporary, will inspire and encourage you in your day-to-day teaching. It features the expert opinions of famous thinkers, leaders, educators and homeschoolers, as well as thoughtful insights from others. Learn from the remarkable words of Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Socrates, Confucius, and many more. The quotes and sayings are categorized by subject, covering both traditional and nontraditional forms of education. This resource is ideal for home educators, schoolteachers, parents, students, speakers, writers, history buffs and book lovers. It is useful in the home, church, library and classroom for reading, reference, newsletters, reports and presentations.

The Home Educator's Book Of Lists
by Teri Ann Berg Olsen - Coming soon! The contents of this book have been improved with the addition of even more helpful features. The emphasis will be on practical advice, how-to's, teaching tips and techniques, creative ideas, inspiration and encouragement. Resource lists will be included.

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