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Quotes by Barry Goldwater, Henry David Thoreau, Charlotte Mason, and others on travel and field trips.

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    "This land of Arizona has had an exciting history, so dramatic and inspiring that it needs no exaggeration or fictional embellishment." ~Barry Goldwater


    Annotated lists of links to web-based resources categorized by subject.

    General History

    Arizona History Facts
    Have a history question you want answered about Arizona and the Southwest? Send an email to and an expert from the Arizona Historical Society will post the answer online.

    Arizona History Reference Guide
    Topics include: Native Americans, Spanish Period, Wars & Battles, Settlers, Women, Politics, Crime and Criminals, Injustices, Mining, Water, Education, Historic Sites, Arizona's Five C's, and more. The materials consist of web pages, books, manuscripts collections, photograph collections, and more.

    Arizona History Traveler
    Arizona. Just the name reminds us of places, people, and events that are etched into our national memory—Fort Apache, Zane Grey, Route 66, Geronimo, the OK Corral. Get to know the stories behind the names by visiting the heritage sites featured here.

    ARIZONA From Prehistoric Times To The End Of The Twentieth Century
    Arizona Blue Book Millennium Edition: a complete history of Arizona including a photo gallery!

    Arizona History
    Includes the Mexican American War, Guadlupe Hidalgo & Gadsden Purchase, Gold Rush, Apache Wars, 1861 Confederate State, 1862 Arizona Territory, Stagecoach Info, Phoenix History, Gunfighters & Colorful Characters, Cattle and Sheep, Navajo Code Talkers.

    Arizona Legends
    This travel site for the nostalgic and historic minded features legends and stories about Native Americans, the Old West, historic people, outlaws, ghosts, and more.

    Arizona Genealogy Web
    Arizona Genealogy and Family History Online.

    Arizona Stories
    People and Places that shaped our History... Legends steeped in Mystery... Events that defined our Legacy.

    Arizona Historical Foundation
    The Arizona Historical Foundation (AHF), based in the Hayden Library at ASU, is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of the history of Arizona and the Greater Southwest. The Foundation serves as a repository for primary source materials that, for the most part, document the history of the New Southwest (20th and 21st century) with emphasis on the fields of political, legal, and business history.

    Arizona Historical Society
    The Arizona Historical Society was founded by the territorial legislature on Nov. 7, 1864. The Society is Arizona's oldest cultural institution, fulfilling its mission "to collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate the history of Arizona, the West, and Northern Mexico as it pertains to Arizona." The Arizona Historical Society has the world's largest collection of Arizona history artifacts, documents, and photographs. The four state-run AHS museums are located in Flagstaff, Yuma, Tempe and Tucson. Feel free to ask them about research, educational programs, and tours.

    Government and Law

    Arizona Capitol Museum
    Arizona's Road to Statehood, state symbols, teacher resource guide for Arizona Territorial and State governmental history.

    Arizona Politicians: The Noble and the Notorious
    An introduction to Arizona politicians from territorial days to the present.

    Arizona State Government Kids Page
    Arizona governors, history tour & timeline, natural wonders, wildlife, state facts, coloring book and word games.

    Arizona Secretary of State Kids Page
    Arizona facts and activities for kids and teens, including downloadable pictures for school reports.

    Arizona State Government Sites
    Links to Arizona State Government Websites.

    Arizona Governors
    Governors of Arizona (both Territorial and State), with footnotes and sources.

    Arizona's Law for Kids
    America's first website dedicated to teaching children about law. This site was created by the Arizona Bar Foundation with the specific goal of educating Arizona's youth, their parents, communities and schools to increase their knowledge about youth laws and to encourage law-abiding behavior.

    Kids Voting Arizona
    Kids Voting provides homeschool parents with access to online voter education curriculum and a new online early voting option for students called the Election Connection. Kids Voting is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-driven program founded in Arizona in 1988. In 1991, Kids Voting became two separate organizations: Kids Voting Arizona and Kids Voting USA. Kids Voting USA would go on to expand the program throughout the United States.

    TeenPact Arizona

    Arizona TeenPact had a phenomenally successful first class in 2002. Students got to meet with the Governor and the Secretary of State as well as with Senators, Representatives, lobbyists and other political leaders. TeenPact is an outstanding opportunity for kids to learn first-hand about citizenship, leadership, justice, true statesmanship, and the biblical principles upon which our government was founded. (4-day and 1-day classes are available.)

    Famous People

    Famous Arizonans
    Pictures and names of some famous Arizonans.

    Famous Arizona Natives and Residents
    Infoplease Almanac contains Arizona facts and statistics, including a list of famous Arizona natives and residents.

    Famous/Prominent Arizonans
    Detailed biographies of famous (and infamous) prominent Arizonans.

    Celebrity Sightings
    A complete listing of celebrity sightings around Arizona; includes links to sources.

    Notable Gravesites in Arizona
    Who's Who Underground: You can take a tour of the grave sites of Arizona notables by scrolling down the page, taking the cemeteries in the order they are listed, from the east valley to the west side, or you can skip directly to the grave you're looking for.

    These pages are a continuous work in progress.
    Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen


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