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Quotes by Barry Goldwater, Henry David Thoreau, Charlotte Mason, and others on travel and field trips.

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    "Children who learn to ask questions are far ahead educationally from when they had experience only in answering questions, particularly in the fields of history and other social studies." ~Ruth Beechick

    History, Geography, and Culture

    Amigos de Arizonac, Inc.
    P. O. Box 30124, Phoenix AZ 85046-0124
    America's leading publisher/distributor of quality Arizona learning materials, featuring over 50 products to enhance the study of Arizona, all written and designed by Arizona educators: student texts, teacher resources, classroom activities, Arizona Bingo, maps & charts, puzzles & games, writing exercises, tests, and computer software. The largest selection of Arizona history materials available, all aligned with Arizona's social studies standards.

    Arizona Historical Foundation
    The Arizona Historical Foundation (AHF), based in the Hayden Library at ASU, is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of the history of Arizona and the Greater Southwest. The Foundation serves as a repository for primary source materials that, for the most part, document the history of the New Southwest (20th and 21st century) with emphasis on the fields of political, legal, and business history.

    Arizona Historical Society
    The Arizona Historical Society (AHS) is Arizona's oldest cultural organization, founded by the territorial legislature on November 7, 1864, to preserve Arizona's history for the present and future. The four AHS museums located in Flagstaff, Yuma, Tempe and Tucson, are state-run entities with non-profit 501(c)(3) status as educational institutions. The Arizona Historical Society publishes a variety of books and monographs that focus on the history of Arizona and the Southwest, from the first Spanish explorations to modern times. They also publish the quarterly Journal of Arizona History, a benefit of AHS membership at the $40 level and higher. The journal features well-written, entertaining, scholarly articles on the history of the state and region, plus photo essays and critical book reviews. The Education department has published two textbooks: Arizona Constitution and Government is an informative and entertaining high school textbook that examines Arizona's constitution and three branches of government. $9.45 each. Teacher's manual, $11.95 Studies in Arizona History integrates Arizona history into the American history course by focusing on local issues that illustrate national trends. Primary sources, diverse perspectives, and historians' research techniques are emphasized. This text can be used for both high school and middle school levels. The Arizona Historical Society earned the American Association of State and Local History's prestigious national "Award of Merit" for this outstanding textbook. Hardback copies are priced at $32.00; Soft-cover copies are available at $23.00. Discounts are available with quantity purchases. Contact the AHS Education department in Tucson at (520) 628-5774 to order.

    Arizona Homeschool Geography Project
    Patty Sepp's Arizona geography facts and fun internet geography projects for homeschoolers; she also teaches homeschool geography classes.

    Arizona Humanities Council
    The Ellis-Shackelford House
    1242 N. Central Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85004-1887
    The Arizona Humanities Council encourages people to share the stories of Arizona's vivid past and vibrant living cultures by focusing on four program areas: books and reading, history and heritage, community dialogue, and teacher education. Their website contains information about reading programs and exhibits, tells about their speakers bureau (including living history presenters!), offers resources for teachers and schools, and has links to related sites.

    Arizona State Parks
    Mary Alice Daenzer, Education Coordinator
    Discover the benefits of educational opportunities at Arizona State Parks. We assist educators by providing settings and programs to help them meet Arizona State Standards, while helping students make an academic connection to their environment and the world around them.

    Freedoms Foundation
    Make history exciting...for schools and organizations. Put life into your history classes with our proven and successful Living History Programs, and let us partner with you in preserving the ideals and principles upon which this country was founded.

    We Make History
    "We Make History" offers authentic historic dance events throughout the State of Arizona. Each "Grand Ball" is set during a certain historic period such as Colonial, Regency, or Civil War/Victorian. Multi-era events and historical reenactments are occasionally held as well. Their American Heritage Weekend on November 15th & 16th, 2003 will be unlike anything ever created in this part of the country. It will be a grand scale presentation of civilian and military aspects of 18th and 19th century American life as portrayed by a large and experienced cast of historical interpreters being invited from Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and beyond. Included will be battle reenactments, first-person portrayals of famous men and women, musicians representing various time periods, craftsmen, colonists, pioneers, mountain men and more ranging from the founding of our country in the American Revolution, through the Lewis & Clark expedition, the War of 1812, the antebellum and Civil War eras, the Victorian period and on to the Spanish American War of 1898. Colonial, Regency and Victorian fashions and culture will all be well represented at this event which will be held on a very pleasant 40 acre tree-lined parcel of Queen Creek, a suburban/rural community in the southeastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The "We Make History" website is filled with fascinating details and facts from several different eras, as well as beautiful photographs and artwork.

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