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    "The natural laws governing the structure of the universe – harmony, proportion, balance, and rhythm – also govern music, dance, painting, poetry; I therefore urge making these art forms a foundation of educational method." ~Plato

    NW Phoenix Monart

    Fine Arts, Drama, Music


    Mesa Arts Center
    155 North Center
    Mesa AZ 85211
    The Mesa Arts Center is an award-winning community resource dedicated to promoting greater knowledge of and participation in the visual and performing arts. The Center provides art classes, live theater, art exhibitions, festivals, concerts, films, lectures, and workshops for the public. They also offer classes for homeschoolers. The art blocks consist of 3 classes that are a mixture of drama, music, dance and visual arts.

    Kris Norman's Mesa Art School
    2950 S. Alma School Road, Suite 4
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    Art classses for ages 4 to adult, taught in a comfortable and non-competitive atmosphere with plenty of individual attention. The Monart method has achieved astounding results with children and adults, including those with learning difficulties. Owner-teacher Kris Norman offers homeschool art classes during the day, and can gear the drawing lessons to your curriculum if desired.

    Monart Drawing School
    20165 North 67th Avenue, #101
    Glendale, AZ 85308
    Phone: (602) 309-8555
    Monart, a world-renown drawing program, has come to the northwest Phoenix metro communities! Just as we learn the ABC's to read, and musical notes and scales to play music, Monart students learn to see and perceive the world in terms of five basic elements of shape and to develop the skills they need to translate that information to paper. In a peaceful environment students learn that drawing is a teachable subject in which anyone can be successful. Monart is more than a method that teaches people how to draw. Leading educators recognize Monart as a teaching system that helps students to focus and concentrate, make decisions, solve problems, sequence and develop hand-eye coordination, and improve overall academic performance.


    Experience Arts School
    Hosted at Word of Grace Church in Mesa, AZ; offering classes in a variety of art forms including music, acting, directing, theatrical design and production, dance, audio-visual, film, photography, painting, drawing and sculpture.

    MoezArt Productions
    Glorifying God through the arts with classes and workshops in theatre, drama, speech and debate, jazz ensemble, and more; Moezart Production classes are for high school or middle school credit and meet once a week in Mesa, Scottsdale, and Glendale; once-a-month workshops are held at the Foothills Library in Glendale.


    Arizona Opera
    Arizona Opera offers educational programs and opera for kids. Their website features opera resources, synopses, composer bios, terminology, pronunciation guide, opera faq's, etiquette info, weekly trivia quiz, and more. Arizona Opera and Vilocity Interactive, Inc. recently partnered to create a hilarious, stereotype-busting CD-Rom, "Opera Ha Ha," with games and info about opera for the whole family. From a game show-style quiz to a series of print-and-play activities including door hangers and opera finger puppets, Opera Ha Ha has something for every member of the family. And it's so fun, you won't even notice that you're picking up all sorts of trivia and info about opera along the way!

    Master's Music Academy
    A Piano Academy, Voice Academy, and Pedagogical Academy located in Mesa, AZ.

    Mr. Blaine's Piano Workshop

    Blaine Srutowski, a homeschool dad and talented musician, is offering a Piano Workshop in the North Valley. It includes piano instruction, musical interpretation, and performance skills. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of Mr. Blaine's Music Lab, a place of musical discovery and exploration with a digital synthesizer, software programs, and other resources for enhancing musical knowledge. In addition to the usual piano lessons throughout the year, a Summer Workshop is available to explore special projects such as digital audio editing, computer video editing, and midi sequencing. Mr. Blaine is currently teaching piano and keyboards only, but his versatile experience includes several additional instruments, a wide variety of musical genres, performances on stage, radio and television, and multimedia production.

    Music Maker Workshops
    3233 E. Chandler Blvd, Suite #2
    Phoenix, AZ 85048
    (480) 706-1224

    Piano and Guitar, Developmental Music Lessons, Group, Semi-Private, Private, FOR ALL AGES. Now offering morning or early afternoon lessons for homeschoolers!

    The Musician Maker

    J.P. Thom-Gronachan
    P.O. Box 744
    Marana, AZ 85653
    (520) 682-6201
    Music comes from your heart and your heart can be taught. The Musician Maker's studio operates at the MUSE Community Arts Center, 516 N. 5th Ave., in Tucson, where he teaches private lessons for traditional American folk instruments - the strings, such as guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin - and the free reeds, i.e., accordions, concertinas, and harmonicas. He also teaches the fundamentals of singing, piano/keyboard, classical guitar, and music theory. Primarily teaching in a one-on-one format, J.P. also offers classes for groups ranging from 3 to 6 with instruments, and up to 10 if instruments are not needed, as in a general music/choral class situation. J.P. Thom-Gronachan has a B.A. in music from Arizona State University and 25+ years experience at breaking down music practicum and music theory into bite-size pieces for any student, whether that student is 8 years old or 80.

    Plylar Trumpet Academy/Southwest Brass
    Deborah & Russell Plylar
    P.O. Box 71786
    Phoenix, AZ 85050
    The Plylar Trumpet Academy, a division of Southwest Brass, offers private lessons, master classes, recitals, and other special events year-round for homeschooled children seeking musical enrichment. They have also authored, published, and distributed nationally a series of instructional book/cassette programs for beginning through advanced brass students.

    Wave Music Studio
    Andy Fling, a state certified educator and Christian music teacher, offers private music lessons and weekly homeschool music classes for ages 5-11. Instruction is based on the Orff method of music education which combines music, singing, speech, listening, and instrument playing. Children learn in an active way, where imitation and exploration lead to improvisation and music literacy.

    Young Musicians of Arizona
    A Non-Profit Christian School for the Performing Arts, meeting on the Calvary Community Church campus at 12612 Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix.

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