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Informative articles related to travel and field trips, reviews of field trip destinations, and additional articles of interest.

Quotes by Barry Goldwater, Henry David Thoreau, Charlotte Mason, and others on travel and field trips.

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    "One picture is worth more than a thousand words." ~Chinese Proverb

    Field Trip Photo Gallery

    These are some trips that we have taken recently. Click on the links to view the pictures. Each photo will open in a new window. It's not the same as being there, of course, but can help you decide if you want to visit a site in person or will give you an idea of what you missed if you didn't go on a particular field trip. Hopefully if you do visit any of these places later, you will then know what to expect and be able to recognize things as you see them. Enjoy!

    Petrified Forest/Painted Desert/Meteor Crater
    ~ September 23-24, 2006

    This area is a geologic wonderland! Petrified Forest has stunning vistas, erosional landforms, barren badlands, and extensive displays of petrified logs as well as petroglyphs and remnants of prehistoric pueblos. Our journey from one end of the park to the other began when they opened and lasted until closing time. It doesn't take that long to drive the 24-mile scenic road, but we hiked all of the trails and stopped at every scenic overlook along the way. Nearby you can visit the best-preserved meteorite crater on Earth. Admission includes a guided tour of the crater rim that lasts about an hour, a film shown in the theater explaining the crater, and access to a state-of-the-art museum with lots of hands-on interactive exhibits. We were going to make that a quick stop on our way home but ended up spending several hours there! Kids of all ages (and adults) who are interested in rocks and space science will love it!

  • Petrified Forest 1
  • Petrified Forest 2
  • Petrified Forest 3
  • Petrified Forest 4
  • Petrified Forest 5
  • Petrified Forest 6
  • Petrified Forest 7
  • Petrified Forest 8
  • Petrified Forest 9
  • Petrified Forest 10
  • Petrified Forest 11
  • Petrified Forest 12
  • Petrified Forest 13
  • Painted Desert 1
  • Painted Desert 2
  • Painted Desert 3
  • Meteor Crater 1
  • Meteor Crater 2
  • Meteor Crater 3

    Mogollon Rim ~ August 19, 2006

  • Strawberry Schoolhouse
  • Sneaking An Apple
  • He's In Trouble Now!
  • Dunce
  • Ferns
  • Deer In The Forest
  • Jumping Off A Log
  • Two Kids With Sticks
  • Mogollon Rim View 1
  • Mogollon Rim View 2

    Humphrey's Peak Hike ~ July 29, 2006

  • Hart's Prairie
  • The Goal
  • Wet Leaf Litter
  • Butterfly on Daisy
  • Alpine Forest
  • Humphrey's Peak in Cloud
  • The Last Tree
  • Where's the Peak
  • The Other Side
  • Alpine Tundra
  • The Peak
  • Local Resident
  • View From the Top
  • Hart's Prairie Return
  • Movie taken at 12,000 ft. - Turn on the sound!*
    *Large File will need ~20 minute download time for dial-up.

    Notes: The sky was overcast all day. It was windy and cold above the timber line. The clouds kept being blown down on the ridge, sometimes limiting visibility to 100 feet or so. I made it to the top, but the hike taxed my strength far beyond what I thought possible. Also it threatened rain all day but it waited until we got back down to the car, then it broke with fury. Praise God, who made all things, and cares for us in ways both great and small.

    Lava Cave Hike ~ June 10, 2006

  • Lava River Cave Sign
    (Oversized so you can read the words and view the map.)
  • Cave Entrance
  • Our Group Heading into Cave
  • Descending Down
  • Going Down, Watch Your Step!
  • Interior of Cave
  • View Down the Tunnel
  • Walking Inside the Tube
  • Walking Along on Hardened Lava
  • Our Group at Spot with High Ceiling
  • Looking Around Inside Cave
  • Climbing Out
  • Back at the Surface

    Notes: This impressive lava tube is located in the Coconino National Forest northwest of Flagstaff. From U.S. Highway 180, take Forest Road 245 west for about three miles, then go south for roughly 1 ½ miles on Forest Road 171, and turn left on FR 171B. This cave was formed within a few hours when an ancient volcano erupted. The cave is almost ¾ of a mile long and never gets above 45 degrees F. In some spots the cave is only about 3 feet high, while in others the ceiling is 30 feet high and shaped like a subway tunnel. There is no admission charge, no tour guides, and no facilities. You’re on your own but there is only one way in and out. Small children will need help scrambling down the boulder pile at the entrance.

    All photos on this page copyright © by Rich and Teri Olsen.

    These pages are a continuous work in progress.
    Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen


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