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""By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." ~Proverbs 24:3-4

Educational Materials
and Lesson Plans

3000 Free Goodies

Educational Freebie Queen
A website where you can go to in order to find educational freebies you can use for homeschooling.
Computer gear, consumer electronics, office supplies, and more - often 100% off the original price after rebate.

Learning Page Free Resources
A huge collection of professionally produced instructional material for you to download and print. Lesson plans, books, worksheets and much more!

Lesson Plans for Free
One of the best resources for PreK-12 teachers on the internet. 1500+ lesson plans in every subject, all completely free! To find lesson plans that match your criteria, simply begin by choosing a subject and grade level, or search for specific topics. Plus seasonal lesson plans by date, and hundreds of additional links to other lesson plan/teacher resource sites.

Peanuts as Learning Tools
Free Educational Materials for Teachers about Peanuts! Use peanuts as a fun way to help your students with math, science, social studies, geography and language arts. The free downloads include flashcards, lessons and teacher's guides.

RHL School: Free Teaching Resources
Your place to get an enormous supply of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review. Featuring English basics, reading comprehension, research skills, math problem solving and math computation, complete with answer key. Plus more free offers and sites.
Scope and sequence "Preschool through Grade 12: A Typical Course of Study" is published free-of-charge at the website; plus lesson plan links and other educational resources.

Proctor & Gamble School Programs
The P & G School Programs are designed to provide high quality, fun educational materials to teach students about personal care. The curriculum-based materials are provided free of charge to schools (and homeschools). The curriculum-based programs include a Crest 1st Grade Dental Health Education program, the Puffs 1st Grade "Be Good to Your Nose" nose care and germ prevention program, the 5th Grade "Always Changing" puberty education program and the new Secret To Self-Esteem program. Please note: While they are happy to send instructor materials, free samples are not provided to home schools. Please go to the contact page of the website and leave your information. They will contact you regarding your order.

Free Milky Way Poster (Not the candy bar...)
NASA's Multiwavelength Milky Way poster is available at no charge for educational purposes. (This will take 3-4 months to receive.)

Free Lewis and Clark Map
Discover the lands explored by Lewis and Clark, and help protect wild America! This double-sided poster contains maps and interesting information about the wildlands and wildlife in the lands explored by the Corps of Discovery. From The Sierra Club, which has launched a campaign in commemoration of the expedition's 200th anniversary to recognize what's been lost since the time of Lewis and Clark, to help America rediscover these incredible lands, and to protect and restore our remaining wild places.

Free Educational Materials from NASA
NASA produces many educational materials, which are used by NASA education staff at NASA-sponsored workshops and events. Electronic versions of these products may be printed and copied as needed. Limited quantities of the published versions may be available through the NASA Educator Resource Center that serves your state.

Free World Wildlife Action Kit
WWF's Action Kit provides you with solid ideas, tips, and tools that can help you make a difference for wildlife and wild places. From our safe seafood list to nontoxic cleanser recipes, the Action Kit can help you reduce your impact on the Earth by providing the information and resources you will need to make a difference. You'll also get WWF goodies like the panda magnet and temporary tattoos, wildlife stickers, a WWF bookmark, and a Force for Nature poster, complete with fun facts and quizzes. And one more thing - it's FREE!

Designing and Building File-Folder Bridges
Download this great resource at no cost! It's a problem-based introduction to engineering that provides students with an opportunity to learn how engineers use math, science, and technology to design real structures--in the context of a hands-on model bridge-building project. It's intended primarily for high school students, but those in lower grades should be able to complete all but Learning Activity #3, which requires the application of geometry, algebra, and some basic trigonometry.

More Freebies:

Art and Craft Projects
Christian Resources/Bible Studies
Government/Current Events
Health and Safety
Homeschool Helps
Kids Activities and Games
Online Books and Courses
Printables/Coloring Pages/Worksheets
Tests and Quizzes The Best Free Stuff Updated Daily!


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All rights reserved.

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