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    P A G E

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    A Time of Blessing!

    By Kelly Maynard

    What a wonderful time we had honoring and blessing our children at our recent "Promotion Night"! The night was made very special by the beautiful decorations, the guest speaker (Tom Lewis, President of AFHE), the special music, the beautiful certificates, the wonderfully hand made flowers given to each child, along with the delightful reception afterward. Although, there were only a small portion of families whose children participated in the promotion, many came to honor those that did participate. Having relatives come and share in the special evening meant so much to those that were being graduated or promoted. If I had to pick the most special part, the one thing that particularly blessed the children, it would have to be the words that were spoken over every child as they were given their certificates. The children's parents were asked to write something about how their child did particularly well in an area of academics and in character development. As each child heard the words spoken over them, you could see their faces brighten with a sense of "I am important". Each one felt very special.

    I am reminded how important it is to speak blessings over our children. I recently attended a wonderful, life-changing seminar with my husband, about this very thing, BLESSING. It's funny, we all know that if we jump from a second story window that we are going to fall downward toward the hard ground. We all know about the law of gravity. Yet, there are certain spiritual laws that God set forth, that are very ancient, that we tend to overlook, or are ignorant about. One of those spiritual laws is the law of cursing and blessing. Oh, how we can wound with our words and actions. We all have experienced our parents (unknowingly) saying something wounding to us. Remember how it made you feel? On the other hand, remember your parent praising you about something you did, and how that made you feel? How many children grow up without an identity, having no idea who they are? They aimlessly wonder through life trying to "find themselves", and want desperately to discover what their purpose in life is. We, as parents, are the agents in which God intended blessings to flow through, so that our children would reach adulthood knowing exactly who they are, and precisely what their purpose or destiny is.

    According to the seminar called "The Ancient Paths" that my husband and I attended, the seven critical times of blessing are at conception, pregnancy, birth, infancy, puberty, marriage, and old age. When a child is conceived she is blessed when she is wanted, accepted and received with joy. That child is blessed when the conception occurs between two people in a covenant marriage relationship, and when it occurs in love, not in lust. During pregnancy that child is blessed when there is nurturing, love and anticipation with a lack of emotional stress and turmoil. At birth, the child is blessed when the child is received as the sex God created, has a reasonably trauma-free birth, and is received, loved and physically nurtured by the mother. During infancy a child is blessed when she is accepted, loved, nurtured, breast-fed with close bonding with the mother and has physical affection from the father. At puberty a child is blessed when parents separate identity from behavior, and the child's relationship with parents facilitates sharing of feelings. It is also important at this time for the father through acceptance and blessing to sever identity from the mother. The child is then able to be initiated into Manhood or Womanhood after preparation and instruction time with a Public Ceremony confirming the child's gender identity, God's plan and blessing, along with the parental blessing and release into manhood/womanhood. This celebration is similar to a wedding reception. The sixth time for blessing is at the marriage of the daughter or son. This marriage is blessed when parents and son or daughter are in agreement about the marriage partner. The marriage is blessed when the marriage partner is accepted and received and when the wedding is attended and blessed by both sets of parents. The last type of blessing comes later in life when the children rise up and bless their parents; this completes the cycle of blessing.

    In our society today we have gotten so far removed from God's Ancient Paths (Universal Ways of God that simply make life work when we walk in them) that it is difficult for us to understand how vital these times of blessings are. Could you imagine a society of young people who know who they are in Jesus Christ, who have a strong sense of identity and know exactly what their own unique purpose on this earth is? Wow! What we could do for the kingdom of God! How awesome it would be if all of us had these times of blessings for our families. I am glad we are starting the tradition of having a "Promotion Night" every May. It is good to honor and bless our children publicly, as a whole, every year. Our children can look forward to this event because no one gets tired of being honored or blessed. The more we put into it, the more they know that they are valued.

    May God bless us all, richly!

    Kelly Maynard is a homeschooling mother of 3 and a former leader of Desert Hills Christian Homeschoolers.


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