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"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge
the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." ~Proverbs 24:3-4


Did you know…? Vocabulary building is recognized as the most effective way to increase learning ability, communication skills, and even income potential. An extensive vocabulary and knowledge of the English language is critical for success in today’s world, which often depends on one’s ability to present ideas. According to a survey of CEOs, the most important skill a job applicant can possess, and the skill most often found lacking, is the ability to communicate effectively. It is notable that children who do better in school and on tests, and adults who are successful in their professions and communicate well with other people, all have above average vocabularies. You actually have two vocabularies: a receptive vocabulary of words that you recognize and understand to some degree while reading or listening; and an expressive vocabulary of words with meanings you know precisely enough to use correctly in speech or writing. WordSmart is useful in building both kinds of vocabularies.

Double your vocabulary quickly & easily with the award-winning WordSmart Vocabulary program. It's Guaranteed! Also see WordSmart Phonics, SAT Prep, Learning Games and More! Used in hundreds of educational institutions across America, including MIT and Purdue University.


WordSmart is a multi-sensory, interactive CD-ROM program that assists children and adults with language and verbal skills. Each volume in this ten-level series covers listening, sentences, spelling, and meanings. Included are antonyms, synonyms, derivatives, a brief history of each word and its roots. A human voice provides correct pronunciation, usage, common misuses, and history for all of the words contained in WordSmart. The skill range of the WordSmart vocabulary program spans 4th grade to advanced college graduate levels.

WordSmart employs five learning modes: Multiple Choice/Audio Discussion, Flashcards, Column Matching, Sentence Completion, and Laser Review. Each mode is designed to exercise a different cognitive style while reinforcing retention. Students learn faster because they use all of their senses. Moreover, the words are arranged in a scientifically determined order of increasing difficulty to keep students working on the threshold of their vocabulary level. Research has shown that 20 hours of study with WordSmart can improve verbal SAT scores by 100 points.

Volume A is now being sold as a flashy adaptation with eye-catching 3-D graphics called Word Adventure, but the other volumes don’t look like that. Nevertheless, even the regular volumes are not dull or boring. From the opening screen with its attention-getting classical music score to the attractive scenic photo backgrounds, it is an enjoyable program to use. Parts of it are kind of like playing a quiz show, and it contains an exciting, entertaining exercise that resembles a computer arcade game.

During our 30-day free trial period, my 11-year-old son said, “Don’t send it back; I like it.” So we went ahead and ordered the whole set! He is on the third volume right now. I find myself looking over Peter’s shoulder as he uses this program, and some words challenge both of us. It is interesting to see the origins and relationships between different words, while the inclusion of little-known trivia maintains interest. While WordSmart is a serious educational program, I never thought vocabulary learning could be such fun! Busy homeschool parents will appreciate this software, as it is entirely self-explanatory, self-paced, and self-grading for students to use independently.

Most WordSmart volumes contain ten sets of 20 core words. Plus, if you count all of the closely-related words that are learned simultaneously, more than 1,500 words are defined per volume. By the end of the ten-volume set, students will have learned nearly 20,000 words! In fact, one of the homeschool winners of the National Spelling Bee used WordSmart. The effectiveness of WordSmart is further enhanced with extensive reading. And as you understand more vocabulary, reading will ultimately become more meaningful and enjoyable.

Each WordSmart volume is sold separately and can be used individually or as a complete vocabulary program. Volume A, which is difficult for the average 4th grade student but easy for the average 12th grade student, contains the most common words. Volume J, which is easy for the average Ph.D., contains words that are unknown to 90% of adults. For more info, see At the time I write this, the regular price for each volume is $79 with free shipping. It’s a reasonable price for what you get, especially when used by more than one child.

* * *


These pages are a continuous work in progress.
Copyright © 2000- by Teri Ann Berg Olsen
All rights reserved.

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