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20 Great Reasons
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"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge
the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." ~Proverbs 24:3-4

Welcome to the Knowledge House Learning Resource Center!

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Knowledge House refers to the place where we live and learn - our home school - while the name and logo also symbolize my educational website. Knowledge House is a comprehensive source of homeschool information, ideas, and inspiration! Remember to add this website to your list of favorites and come back often!


P.S. Knowledge House is currently undergoing an upgrade. The site is nearly 600 pages and mostly a labor of
love (maintained by a busy homeschool mom in my spare time), so please be patient as new content is added.

*Quick Links*

Homeschool Library
An extensive Library of Links. Subscribe to get a free Link of the Day!

Famous Homeschoolers
The most popular list of famous homeschoolers on the net!

Homeschooling Teen
Free e-zine for homeschooled high schoolers and young adult alumni!

Homeschool Patriot
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Learning!

Little Brick Schoolhouse
Building foundations for learning... brick by brick!

Arizona Edventures
Educational Adventures in Arizona and the Southwest!

Check out the Knowledge House Guide to:
Holidays & Special Days
Find fun facts, unit study ideas, and/or writing topics for every day of the year!

*Homeschooling in the News*

Subscribe to Homeschooling Teen - FREE
Homeschooling Teen is an exciting new monthly e-zine that is oriented towards homeschooled high schoolers and young adult alumni. Much of the content is written by other subscribers, and there are many opportunities for readers to participate. Additionally, in each issue we feature a profile of a Homeschooling Teen subscriber and/or famous homeschooled teen. Subscribe today - it's FREE!

Online High School Diploma is a great place to test your high school knowledge through the battery of free tests that are also utilized for preparation for those studying for the GED. Enroll for free in the program and see how you do today!

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Actual Comments from Readers:
“I read the newsletter and love it. You do such an awesome job and there is always some interesting nugget of information I didn’t know before.... I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter. It is always a treat to read and explore through all the links.... I appreciate the hard work and thought you put into it. Thanks for putting it together each month.” (Thank YOU for subscribing!)

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This website has received praises from home educators, teachers,
parents, and others from around the state and across the country.

"Your resource site is incredible! You have done such a wonderful job of compiling all the information needed for all of our homeschool families…Thank you for your hard work and dedication to all of us who will benefit from this site."

“I found your site while researching for Art and Architecture during the Regency Period. WOW! I didn't know you existed. I am a teacher fed up with the current educational system and applaud your efforts in creating this site.”

"I could probably spend the rest of my life exploring the wonderful places that the links on this site lead to. It is a homeschooling website, but don't let that stop you. Anyone with kids will find lots to check out. I think teachers can find a lot here. And anyone who doesn't have kids, but who like me has more curiosity than a cat will love this site as well."


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This wonderful set of books by a veteran homeschool mom will provide refreshing encouragement and practical motivation for the new year!

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All rights reserved.

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